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It's genius game design for it to require you to start the game again to spend the gold you just earned on upgrades, that way you have no reason to stop playing.

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1st office = golden era

2nd office = silver era

3rd office ((current)) = neo giantbomb

I'm gonna say 2nd office is golden era for me. More people=More potential for crazy shit to happen.

I would say the same, there's a lot of 2nd office content that I still love. 3rd office needs a dedicated GB green screen. For real....

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I uncontrollably had to cover my mouth with my hand from severe laughter.

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Shaggy Scoops is the best part.

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This being released on current gen has to be a joke right? Jesus Christ...Like what the hell is the caveat going to be!? I'm both baffled and highly, highly excited.

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There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said already! :(

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Burning Questions? Really?

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Brought to you by Wendy's!

Do What Tastes Right.

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@jasonr86: Y'know what the difference is with that though? you're not asking if anyone else is no longer taking the back-roads to work anymore. Bottom line, it's a question, that in turn most people have jumped on because how dare someone say something negative about the thing they like.

I for one have stopped listening, since January, but for slightly different reasons. Been thinking of trying to listening again, I have a huge backlog of Bombcasts to go through, but whether or not I'll enjoy them...Not a clue. Still watch video content like normal, just don't enjoy the Bombcast anymore.

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I haven't played this yet (and I've never watched Schinder's or Reqium for a Deam, either), but found the part about "trigger" to be really damn weird. Is it a warning, because there is something about rape in the game, or because a game named "depression" that is about depression might trigger reliving of depression for a depressed person going through depression, while playing the game...?

The warning at the front of the game is for people currently dealing with depression. Basically says "if you have depression, this may set you off." It's a good warning, and one I really wish I'd heeded. The content cut a little too close to the bone for me, and I spent the next few hours curled up on the bed just feeling shitty. I mean, it's always nice to see that other people understand what you're going through. At the same time, having it all laid out in black and white like that just god damn wrecked me.

It's a heck of a game, but if you're someone who is already predisposed to this stuff, I strongly recommend you steel yourself before going in.


@beefygrandmole: Don't. Besides, it's to help others understand and raise awareness. After going through it I regretted it in many ways but at the same time it was a real wake up call that I probably needed right now.

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Ya see, that's pretty interesting.

One of the server closure reminders on the SoE site effectively says; go play Planetside2 instead.