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For those of you that don't know--which will be most of you--Bullet Run was a free to play FPS that was kinda sorta mediocre, but I thought I'd let you all know that it has ceased to be. Here's a statement from SoE.

It was certainly unpopular and a pretty crummy game. It was SoE, so, the micro-transactions were mostly disgusting. The player count was around 40 or so the last time I played, which was a couple of months ago. That in itself blew my mind.

I guess I shouldn't be so shocked that it has died so quickly, I haven't seen anyone talk about this game or report its end or anything!

So, I'm curious. Did you know about it? Did you play it? I am fascinated by its lack of exposure. It raises questions about this now-crowded genre. You only have to look at the Steam Game and Player Statistics to see that people play the same multiplayer games, both f2p and non-f2p, every single day. Who the fuck would want to play this game...

I Just feel bad for Acony Games (developer) I know that they've spent years making it under different names.

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Patrick, do yourself a favour if you haven't already and play the original, of all the people at GiantBomb I think you are the most likely to deeply appreciate one of the most unrivalled achievements of atmosphere in games.

On topic though, this doesn't quite look like the Thief I know and love (I know it's only just one bit of pre-release art) I don't know why I thought it would be at this point but hey, I'm just worried they're gonna turn it into an Assassins Creed-type affair which I'm sure some would welcome, I sure as hell wouldn't.

If there's Keepers, Hammers and Pagans all over the place then that could more than sway me though.

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@uniform said:

I do get really irked when songs I like are used in advertising. A song's use in commercials is a result of a song's popularity. So, yeah, I guess it does detract from my enjoyment. I don't like thinking about a pair of jeans or a god damned Swiffer when I listen to a song I enjoy, and unfortunately I can't shake the image of the commercials.

Now you see that is actually a good point. Thankfully nothing I listen to is used in advertising, but that can absolutely destroy a song if you let it. The power of advertising.

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Still nothing, I feel this warrants concern. Could we get some info? Or should I just tweet Dave/Alexis about it?

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@nrl909 said:

i had the same problem. i'll bump this because i didn't notice it before i started a new topic! whoops.

Except there is already a thread about this before this one, that's probably been buried.

Not complaining, this thread is 100 times better. Like I said in the other one, don't tell me I can't watch Will Smith in a penguin suit!

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I can also confirm some old TNT's aren't working; 'file not found' whilst attempting to download as well. Don't tell me I can't watch Will Smith in a penguin suit!

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Well...Nothing can ever really 'fix' D3 for me. It's a horribly repetitive story focused ARPG. Every patch since has felt unambitious; it's all been balance changes and extraneous endgame nonsense tacked on...

That said, Path of Exile has since filled the void for me, so I'm able to play D3 with less...sadness. I have no idea what this means for D3 if anything at all really. Still I'm eager to see what happens next.

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Agree completely. Games you've been playing should be shorter, everything else, longer. Feel I've been saying that for too long. The bombcast used to be like that! That's the worst part.

@Pie said:

Remember that time they played that game where they rolled a dice to decide which segment was next? Yeah that was pretty good.

Yes! One of my favourites!

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Yes you are crazy and that is far, far more Joey Fameli, y'know, if we're keeping in theme.

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How can I possibly choose?! E, F or G...

Damn you. Sorry Drew, but #TeamBrad was literally phenomenal.