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You don't know the half of it until you watch it being played, it will SHOCK you.

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Incredible! Outstanding!

As someone who is intimately familiar with the Yukes WWE games this is no small feat.

Will get these asap. It's too funny not to.

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@Spoonman671 said:

That's just not what Far Cry is about. It's bad enough they give you a mini-map instead of an in-game paper map.

Yeah man that really becomes apparent in this, I'm constantly being taken out of the experience by looking at the pause map. But I bet someone would say the 'magical' paper map is either tedious, or complain about not being able to see the road properly...again.

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@ProfessorEss: My issue though is that this game is just close enough to FC 2 for all of it's omissions and new design quirks to be highly noticeable.

@MikkaQ said:

Nope, those "features" made a good game tedious.

Hardly...It was the outposts that did that.

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I really liked it until the middle, when the game forces you to pretty much start over, but introduces something as shitty as mortar crews in an environment that's filled with tall grasses.

Valid criticism!

@SharkEthic said:

Everything but malaria, but I was one of the few that LOVED Far Cry 2...even kinda miss the sprinting fatigue where everything got kinda blurry.

Me and you, man.

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@DxBecks said:

I haven't played Far Cry 3 yet, but I'm bummed they took out the weapon jamming. Not only did it add a bit of realism to the game but it created for some tense and awesome fire fights; nothing like watching your only weapon jam or spontaneously explode upon firing and now having to completely rework your plan of action while being shot at. I'm glad the Malaria is gone though, that was just annoying.

God damn THIS.

Gun jamming was one of the best parts in the immersion. I don't understand how it's dumb just because new weapons didn't jam for a while (there were upgrades to prevent it even further) if that's the case, surely it's less pervasive? It was a wonderfully unpredictable feature that had some amazing animations to go with it.

The malaria never bugged me, other than having to go find more pills. The effect itself was just another detail I liked.

I'm sad about the healing stuff too, so far I've only ever seen the same damn bandage animation and one broken thumb due to a fall.

Most immersion gets thrown out the window for me seeing as all the bullets on this island seem to filled with electricity, I'm tired of seeing dudes flash whenever you shoot them, I'm surprised they just don't explode into confetti afterwards...

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Oh you gotta be shittin' me.

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@Jeff: Thanks a million! Everything is all good now.

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Thank you Giant Bomb community for your trademark brand of disheartened snarkiness.

This is a problem I found in the QL also. I have a pretty good gaming PC, but not one that can run this game nearly as good as they could in the QL. The problem I found was the absolute slamming of the console version, only to then go in the opposite direction with the PC version assuming eeeeveryone watching can do the same on their awesome in-office PC (oh wait)

I'm a uni student, can't quite afford the incremental upgrades at the moment. I will get it on the PC soon anyway and see what I can do with it regardless, but it is something in the QL I thought was very off.

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Here to confirm they still don't work!

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I can confirm they were working at least 2 hours ago.

If this is a permanent problem I am walking the fuck OUT.