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I've noticed that several Live Arcade titles don't have a system listed for them, just "Xbox Game Store" this works for systems like the Wii and DSI because only one system can access the shop. However "Xbox Game Store" as we define it can be used across two systems with each only having a limited selection of titles. Should we not also list them for the system they're on? For instance Rez HD would be listed under "Xbox Game Store" and "Xbox 360" because while it's accessed from the store in general, it can only be played on the 360.

EDIT: Ok so I've been able to see that on an actual games page they are listed by platform, but when sorting through the tags you only have one generic "XBGS" tag which still I think needs to be addressed.

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I guess you guys just did some revision update or something that allows users to search for specific videos and games. It's a good idea, but it's really hard to search for games within the Wiki. I see you guys have an option on the side for deselecting options, the problem is this takes quite a bit of time to do and it doesn't seem to save your preferences so you have to deselect the options you don't want to see each time. It would be easier if there was just a way to easily select "Games Only" or "Concepts Only"

Thanks for listening

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The whole Phil Fish debacle kinda makes me a little sick. It feels like when you were in middle school where kids would pick on other kids because it was easy and you know you'd get a reaction There are many facets I'm still trying to wrap my mind around in this story, I don't think anyone necessarily is fully in the wrong here, but I'm not sure there in the right either. A lot of us on the internet were picked on and socially isolated as kids, you'd think we'd learn to change that bullying mentality but it appears otherwise.

I want it to be clear I'm not blaming Beer here, he had no idea what was going to happen and while the message of his latest tirade certainly doesn't help matters I don't find him to be the real culprit here. I'm more talking about the angry villainous palm rubbing that some internet commentators are doing.

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Haha yeah. I remember THAT episode too. The one Vinny was talking about. I remember it because everyone in my sixth grade class was grossed out about it.

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He's Giant Bomb's East Coast reporter. If there's an event in New York or anywhere near by and it doesn't warrent the main cast going down he reports on it. He also does a premium movie podcast about movies with Rorie and reviews games.

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I uploaded a box art image for Knack. It should probably be changed to the default image.

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So I'm tempted to buy this game because of the Xbox sale that's happening now, but how are the controls? Are they optimized for consoles? I remember Turok not having any sort of aim assist and that just drove me bananas. Is this game good about that?

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My chief complaint with Vanquish would actually be the generic setting and story as opposed to the gameplay. As to the idea that I'm playing it "wrong", my counter argument would be that a game should not let me play it in such a way in the first place. This is especially true if a players natural instinct would be to play it in such a way.

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So recently I picked up Vanquish and it has a few neat ideas, but I'm just not really feeling it. My problem could be summed up in four words: I've already played Gears. Granted Vanquish plays like a much faster Gears of War but nevertheless it does play look and sound an awful lot like Gears.The story is awfully weak too: I mean. I'm on chapter 4 and apart from trying to stop some Russian dude from blowing up the earth I have no idea what's going on. On the plus side though, the opening cutscene features the main character being reprimanded for space. So yeah, I guess the game's worth it for that last sentence alone.

In the gameplay department Vanquish has some cool ideas too. It's one of the few games where I'm actually excited about the QTE's, partly because a lot of them feel unique and partly because they're just so f'in cool. Another cool thing is the jet pack boost, circle strafing around bosses in a jet pack is pretty sweet as it turns out. Unfortunately both these elements happen too infrequently to recommend The jet pack for instance is really only practical in a handful of situations: the other times it's much more practical to use cover GOW style. The QTE's on the other hand seem to appear almost randomly to the point where I had to consult Gamefaqs to make sure they weren't.

I'll probably see this game through. I'm already almost on the last act, but yeah, talk about missed oppurtunites.