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Really I had the oppisite reaction. I think this is his best album since Eminem Show. It's a different lyrical direction for him, but understand what he went througth: a near overdose, the death of his best friend and a crippling case of writer's block (That he's thanfully over nw. Recovery is one of his best albums ever it's great lyrically and tells an emotional tale to boot/ (I refuse to believe that anyone can listen to "You're Never Over" for the first time and not cry manly tears)


To be fair I've only heard about 12  of the track on em's myspace but I highly doubt the others will sway my opinion...

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It's a mixed bag, I don't notice it a lot of the time but there are other times where it's really apparent that you're watching has been horribly compressed.
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I'd be all for it, but most likely it won't happen...
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I heard a rumor that the final boss of the game is the same as the final boss in Half Life 1. Epic Crossover? Possibly
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Doesn't the new Forza use both the controller and Kinect? I imagine if developers really wanted to they could make some kind of bizzare Kinect/controller hybrid. Actually on second thought I'm pretty sure MS might have a problem with a game that required users to use both, as it'd be hard to explain to potential buyers that it requires both.

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What the topic says. Since the only way to get videos of these Ustream appears to be by watching them live I was wondering if there is a rough schedule of when the gang was going to be on?
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There was some evidence during the Quick Look of Shenmue that they were seriously considering ER-ing it (is that a thing yet? Whatever I said it) but they lacked any way to save on a DC.
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Yeah this guy is about to lose his license. The oath doctors take essentially is so this kind of stuff doesn't happen. He can try to justify it all he wants by saying he doesn't ask patients about their political beliefs, but it's still intimidation. To make a rather extreme comparason a KKK member could burn a cross on someones lawn and later claim that he just picked a random lawn and he wasn't gonna follow through, but it's still a hate crime...
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The new endurace run needs to be them giving dramatic readings of this comic...
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It's all about the gameplay man, you're not paying for medals or cabinets your paying for the gameplay. If it wasn't for Gameroom you'd be payin double the price with less content.