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The "Rate the importance of multiplayer" thread got me thinking about one game that really shocked me with it's muliplayer. That game was the Xbox Live Arcade version of Outrun 2. Outrun has always been primarily a single player game so it seemed rather weird to me that there would even be a multiplayer game, however there was and it was pretty cool. There wasn't really anything particularly noteworthy about it, at times the game was glicthy as hell, but it did have a sizable player base and I enjoyed racing people online almost as much as the single player.

So what about you? What are the multiplayer modes that really surprised you?

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The problem that would arise would be that, even if Jeff was only involved in this game, there would be an ongoing stigma that at one time he was "employed" by Double Fine, which would make reviews of future Double Fine products much more ethically troubling.

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Personally I have never used them. I don't have much reason. Yes, my hd is small (I got my 360 in 2006 and never upgraded) but usually I'm only playing a couple games at a time, and if I decide to go back I usually start from scratch. Combined with the fact that your purchase history is stored on Xbox Live (meaning I can easily redownload old Arcade titles) and I almost have no reason to use it.

So what about you?

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It is a very well done open world game, but at the end of the day it doesn't really trancend the genre or anything. A few missions do seem to reveal that Volition could of gone much crazier than they did in terms of gameplay, but it's almost as if they were afraid too. I don't know, it seems like a really good game, but yeah, it was a little overhyped.

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Animal Crossing Wild World-it's kind of hard to explain if you never played an Animal Crossing game, but straight up there were significant parts of that game that were broken.

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Mirror's Edge

Best: The crazy acrobatic stunts you pull.

Worst: The parts where it forces you to fight.

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I'd say 1. Normally multiplayer modes are merely tacked on to extend the playability of games. There are exceptions, but generally I stay away from those.

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So I'm presuming that this means the Psychonauts deal didn't go through. :(

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@deathstriker666: What? That makes no sense. First of all "The internet" is not paying for Psychonauts 2, one guy is. Second of all why should it be released for free? That's counter-intuitive to the main point, that there are audiences out there that would buy it. I don't think you understand that funding a game and purchasing it are very different things...

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@Jimbo: The important thing to remember here is that Schafer wanted this, he has publicly stated his intrest in the project and ultamitly he's the one that will have the final say in what happens. If Double Fine goes under because of this, it wil not be Notch's fault it will be Tim's.

If you think about it though, Psychonauts 2 isn't all that far off from what Double Fine has been doing for the past few years. Costume Quest and Stacking are two titles that basically explore the same themes and they did alright primarely for the price point. If Psychonauts 2 launched on digital download services at a price under $20 it could stand a chance.