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This begs the question: Is it a spoiler if the press release pretty much points out exactly what's going on?
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 "The Time" is one of the worst songs of 2010 hands down....
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It's a good idea, there are likely a lot of people that have never played the original, and it'd be kind neat for them to see the orgins of everything. 

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 So we used to have a pretty large quote thread, but I can't find it anymore, so I just made a new thread...
"What about fucking foodfight? foodfight is gangster as fuck you have fuckin' chefs falling into holes and the watermelons are fuckin' infinite"-Jeff on his most anticipated game room release.

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" I CANNOT believe that people are defending Robomodo in this, I have seen fucking flash games on newgrounds with more depth than Shred. Infact the game would be better if it was just a black screen, it would probably sell more aswell.  "

 No one's defending anything here. You didn't say "I think Robomodo stinks and is a terrible company" You said you wished these guys never find work and are unemployed for the rest of there lives. Even as a hyperbole, I find that pretty uncool...
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Couldn't Netflix sue Comcast if this is ever implemented? One could make the argument that this would be profiting illegally off of Netflix's intellectual property...

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Physical, especially when it's an older game. Looking at Gamestop's website you can get a pre-owned copy for $10 which is 50% off what you paid.
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I'd be cautious of that price if I were you.He might be trying to sell you a hacked Xbox, the problem with this is that if Microsoft catches you with one of these they'll ban you from Xbox Live.  I'd ask him specific questions about that if I were you...
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So in one of the recent Gameroom quick looks Jeff says something about the D-pad on River Raid not being ideal for the game, which reminded me that up to that point I didn't even consider using the D-pad for the game. I know what you're thinking but it's not because the 360 D-pad sucks or anything, I just usually use the analog stick to play games regardless of the platform or the style of games. I don't know maybe it's just because I was fairly young when I was introduced to the analog stick but playing 2D games with D-pads nowadays seems useless when I have a perfectly good analog stick at my disposal. Am I the only one who feels like this?

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Without spoiling anything I'd highly suggest someone investigate the Time to Call Ziggy Quest Set  I think someone may be making these quests a little too easy...