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I played the first two on PC, but I know my current computer wouldn't run 3 well, so I am going to just get it on my PS4.

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It's been a while since I played it, but I remember really loving both games. I played The Witcher a couple years before Witcher 2 came out and loved it, and I really enjoyed 2 as well. The combat in 2 took a little getting used to I remember, but it eventually clicked and I quite liked it.

From what I remember, the real main draw of these games for me was the story. I found the choices in them to be done so much better than other games - the fact that I had to often decide between one shitty choice and another shitty choice was refreshing in a time where "moral choice" in games was always "CLEARLY GOOD" vs. "CLEARLY BAD".

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Hell yeah dude, QOTSA is one of my favorite bands. I think Songs For The Deaf is still probably their best album, but they don't have any albums I don't think are at least pretty good. ...Like Clockwork was really cool as well, and I hope that they'll release a follow up sooner this time. I think Era Vulgaris is pretty cool also, I'm Designer is one of my favorite songs of theirs just for how weird and creative it is, and Josh's lyrics on it are pretty great also. I'd probably rate Songs For The Deaf, Rated R and their self titled debut above it though, at least in my opinion.

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Bloodborne was a pretty sweet game. I don't think I'd put it above DS1, but I'd definitely put it over DS2 just in sheer memorability. I liked DS2 at the time but so little of it actually stuck with me since release.

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I finished the game with starting Hunter's Axe and Blunderbuss. The axe had a moveset that I really liked and it felt plenty powerful to me, and since I just used the gun to set up parries I saw no need to change it up at all. If I play through again I may try out another set up for the sake of variety, but I found that axe to be pretty powerful, and it's two handed charged up R2 attack let you sort of cheese your way through a lot of enemies.

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Great hair, a total power move by Brad Shoemaker.

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@friendlypossum: There's two Emporium locations also, one in Logan Square and another in Wicker Park. The one in Wicker Park is the one he is talking about, it has a ton of arcade machines. The one in Logan Square just opened up recently and is a really big nice space that has a lot of billiards tables, pinball machines and air hockey machines and not many arcade machines that I can remember. So each location sort of provides a different experience, they are both nice though.

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This is great news, this seemed like a cool game and I was disappointed that it didn't sell well at all - assuming the port isn't horrible, I'll pick this up.

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I'd say Bloodborne definitely has a great and cohesive art style - one of the knocks a lot of people make against DS2 is that it felt like a collection of totally different areas, so you aren't the only one to point that out. That being said, while I think the game looks good, it isn't like "graphically amazing" or anything. The graphics are good, but it is more the art style that sets it apart .

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The new guitar seems pretty cool. If it's all FMV like that though, that seems super lame. Maybe they'll pull it off though, we'll have to see.