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It blows my mind that Gears of War was a 360 launch game, it was so great. Feel like there hasn't been an exclusive that great on either platform yet this generation.

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So I see season 2 of Walking Dead is 50 percent off, is it any good? I really liked the first "season" but I feel like I haven't heard nearly as much about the new stuff.

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I could be wrong but I remember watching some GB stream a couple weeks ago where Jeff said he'd have hiring stuff to announce in the next month or so. I hope I'm remembering that correctly, because I'd really like them to hire someone sooner rather than later.

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My thoughts exactly. I'm happy for Vinny and his family, but this strikes me as bad news for the site. I'm hoping whatever new hires there are get in quick and gel well with the rest of the crew, because something is going to be needed to try to bolster the site up now.

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I totally do have a copy of Speed on VHS, maybe I should give it a new home with this guy.

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The boss I died the most attempting has to be the Ancient Dragon. That damn AoE fire instant killed me so many times.

Was anyone else underwhelmed by the final two boss fights in the Throne of Want? Maybe it was just my build, but with havel's shield I could block pretty much all of the attacks with very minimal stamina drain. It still took me a couple tries to learn the patterns, but I thought it was overall pretty easy.

In fact, most of them were sort of easy. I remember spending hours on some bosses in the first Dark Souls, dying over and over again. I only really had that with one or two bosses in this game (though maybe I'm just better at playing this type of game now than I was when I played DS1).

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I'm only about 14 hours into Dark Souls 2 right now, but so far I have found it a lot easier. I've beaten a couple bosses on my first try, something I think I did maybe once in the original dark souls. I've still had a lot of fun with it, but I wish I felt a little more challenge from the game. Maybe it gets harder, I'll have to see.

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I played Witcher 1 before the 2nd came out and absolutely loved it, but I do think Witcher 2 is a better game. Still have a soft spot for the first game though, so I'd suggest starting with that.

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Forrest Gump is so good. Great movie, think I might have cried at a scene or two the first time I saw it.

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Playing on the 360, I haven't noticed anything like this.