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As long as a new Fallout is announced, I'll be happy. Been way too long without any news on that.

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I have no idea what the potential time table is for selecting a new hire, but I hope it is soon - incredibly curious to see who is selected and how they'll mix in with Vinny and Alex. While I certainly wouldn't be outraged if a "straight white male" is hired, as I believe that the skills and abilities of potential hires should be valued higher than their gender/ethnicity, I really would love it if Giant Bomb hired someone who came from a different background who also has the requisite experience. I think a different perspective and background could add a lot of interesting conversations and content to the site.

That being said, I think Dan has proven to be an exceptional hire. Sometimes his opinions and the way he states them bugs me, but there is no doubting that he has brought a tremendous amount of energy and charm to a site that seemed to be almost limping along after the tragic loss of Ryan.

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So I played through all of the first season of the game and absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed my time with it, and when it ended I was excited for the next "season" to come out.

But for some reason, I just have felt almost no desire to play the new season - I haven't touched it at all. I feel like I haven't heard nearly as much about this new season when compared to the the first season. Is that an indication that it isn't as good, or are people just not talking about it? It's on sale on steam right now, was wondering if it was worth picking up. Is the story as good as the first game?

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@secondpersonshooter: I've had the same experiences. That happens a lot in music - I've heard a similar story about Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys. They were trying to make fun of people like that, but instead those very people blasted it as an anthem.

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@maxopower: I don't if I'd call it the party song of the album when the first verse is about alcholism and being peer pressured into drinking more by your friends. But yes, it is one of those songs that gets played by people who just like the fact that a voice is saying "DRANK" over and over.

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There is nothing wrong with a good gin and tonic. In fact, there's a lot right with it.

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I never had a problem with it - Naughty Dog had a specific story they wanted to tell, and the "linear" story line lets them accomplish this. To be honest, I don't feel like I've heard that many people complain about it either.

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God, I hope Fallout 4 comes before another Elder Scrolls game. I don't mind if Bethesda wants to spend a long time developing it, but some sort of official confirmation would be great. Fallout 3 was probably one of my favorite games of the last generation, so I've been waiting for Fallout 4 for a long time.

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Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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If this was 2005 I'd probably be one of these people in this thread that are freaking out over this, but this really doesn't seem all that different from the HUD scope that Halo has always had (if you look at the tweet posted in this thread, it seems like it's closer to that than a CoD iron sight).

Either way, maybe wait for more information/for the game to come out before decrying this a travesty? Everything has to be so amplified on the internet.