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I've only played the games for a couple hours but I honestly haven't been bothered by the frame rate so far, except for one significant hitch I had. Not sure if I'm just lucky or if other people have been playing a lot of PC games.

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Honestly, I didn't feel like the violence was "amped up" at all from any other action game I've played. The only time I cringed was the first time I saw Lara get impaled by one of those spikes in the river.

I liked the game, but it definitely had its problems with story. Many of the characters seemed thin (including Lara herself), motivations weren't always clear. My problems with the story have nothing to do with any sexualization of Lara, though. I felt like they didn't treat her any differently from her male counterparts in other action games.

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I definitely use "you guys" as a unisex term. I've never really had anyone become offended by it, at least to my knowledge.

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I really enjoyed the combat also, I don't really understand the hate it gets.

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Man, you have a pretty high level of self hatred and self loathing. Congrats?

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It was an excellent game, though I think Last of Us might have made an even greater impression on me.

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I loved playing Fallout 3 on the PC when it came out, but I definitely had to deal with at least one crash every time I played it. When I tried to get the first DLC, it would crash around the same point every time. So yeah, it wasn't the most stable of games, but it was great when it worked.

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I heard the news this morning and I've been stunned all day. My condolences to Ryan's friends and family, I can't imagine what everyone is going through right now. I still can't believe this happened - 34 is too young.

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It's between Last of Us and Infinite, and I have to imagine that GTA will be the other big name in the running at the end of the year.

Also, why do so many people talk about Infinite's gameplay like it was trash or something? I really enjoyed playing that game. I thought the combat was satisfying and fun - and the vigors were useful also, even though narrative wise they probably didn't need to be there.

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Uh, I'm pretty sure most people would say Mass Effect 2 is their favorite Mass Effect (barring the select few who thought mechanics were stripped away to make it dumbed down). It's probably my favorite as well, though I did enjoy ME3 quite a bit, even in spite of the ending.