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Uh, I'm pretty sure most people would say Mass Effect 2 is their favorite Mass Effect (barring the select few who thought mechanics were stripped away to make it dumbed down). It's probably my favorite as well, though I did enjoy ME3 quite a bit, even in spite of the ending.

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I dislike the Spurs, but I really hate the Heat. Therefore, I am a Spurs fan.

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I'm going to miss him a lot also. I think it took him a bit to fully gel with the rest of the crew, but recently they've really developed a good rapport. I do live in Chicago though, so maybe I'll spot Patrick on the CTA sometime.

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Wow, I never even thought of "crossbone", but that is actually pretty great.

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I don't know if I have the money to outright buy the game when it is released, but I will be hopefully getting it from gamefly a couple days after release. I was pretty excited prior to release and even more excited now -though I wish the game came out on tuesday and not friday. I really don't want to have to wait so long!

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So what are we supposed to be mad about again?

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@kishinfoulux: Why do you believe it's a higher score than the game deserves? I would imagine that the "value" of the game is subjective to whoever plays it - but none of us have even played it yet, to it seems hard to say anything about it.

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I've only listened through once so far, but The Vampyre of Time and Memory, Kalopsia, Smooth Sailing, and If I Had A Tail come to mind. I really like the album so far

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Yeah, I am looking forward to it - sounds a bit different than previous QOTSA stuff but I've enjoyed when I've heard so far. Definitely going to be picking it up when it releases in a few weeks

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I think it will definitely be seen as a classic alongside the original Bioshock, and it is definitely going to be one of the main contenders for GOTY this year. The two games that I would think will be the main competition this year would be GTAV and Last of Us, which I am really looking forward to.