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Hm, looks like it could be good, or at least better than the 1st.

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That is awesome. 
I'd definitely buy a poster like this, really nice work.

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Testicle. I think I could make do with one. Maybe I'd get some sort of testicle implant, just to make things right down there.

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I really loved this game, but then about halfway to 2/3 of the way in the story just got SO BAD. I really can't make myself want to finish it now.

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Yeah, I know. It's people like that who give us a bad name...
I am sure there are some Russians who are mad about it, and there are a good deal who aren't. Honestly, I don't think the Americans came off very well in MW2 either, so it did not really feel like a "F*CK YEAH, WE'RE AMERICA! KILL THOSE AGENTS O' TERROR!", it felt more like that there was corruption everywhere. Still, no matter what the issue, there are always some people that are offended. As a whole though, I would not think the majority of Russians would be angry, not that I am their spokesperson or anything.
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Yeah, that's awesome.

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If this is true, I definitely have lost more respect for Ubisoft.
I still have hope for AC:2 though, I really liked the first, and if they fixed the problems they claim they have, it should be a really great game.

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Think I'd heard of them before, but after many grueling hours of testing, don't believe I have any.

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My longest gaming period was when I played for 24 hours straight, because I was participating in Extra Life.
 Usually I don't play for more than an hour or two at a time, though I did play for a good 6 hours straight in Fallout 3, and when I used to play WoW I would get into 4 hour dungeons every once in a while.

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It depends on the game really. If it's a game I am really into, I'll be extremely pissed at whoever told me the spoiler, and it will make the game less enjoyable. I won't stop playing it though.