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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Radiant Historia are my two favorites from last gen.

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Enchantet arms

Sweet jumping fuck, Enchanted Arms is the single worst RPG I've ever played. It makes any Compile Heart developed game look like Persona 4 in comparison. Serial killers should be forced to play that game as punishment.

Could not agree more xD

@thesonygamer12 said: dragons crown still isnt nearly as good as odin sphere but its still a great vanillawere game

That is true but wrong gen so i felt i could not add it :P

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Demon`s souls
Dark souls
Dragons dogma
Valkyria Chronicles
Elder scrools oblivion
Witcher 2
Dragons Crown (probably more of a beat em up than a rpg but whatever)
Overlord 1 and 2

Enchantet arms
Two worlds
Sacred 2
Kingdoms of amalur reconing
Dragon age 2

Elder scrools Skyrim
Two worlds 2
Dragon age origins
Fable 2
Final fantasy 13
Mass effect series

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And here i was making room on my playstation and everything since arcsys said it comes out in europe on the 23 the 23 came and went and no blazblue. checked up today and yay cant get it in norway...... hope they release it for the rest of europe as soon as the can and that its just a matter of rating or whatever ( even if this would be strange) but here is to hoping

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Street fighter 2

Resident Evil

Dark souls

- i should put planescape torment here as its the game that got me playing rpg`s

.but then it would be tied with resident evil.

And the first zombie inn the first game still gives me the creeps so its more impresion inn that

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I dont like this idea but i dont like scifi and the combat system is more about the wightiness of weapons and scifi dont strike me as something with that kind of weaponry. i am not the biggest fan of steampunk either but i can see how that would work. but i hope they dont do anything wierd i like the dark medieval fantasy gothicness

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Old Resident Evil style. Yes, I am serious.

Agree!!!! And if you are looking for a spesific shot the first that comes to mind is inn RE code veronica. where you enter a baraks like thing early inn the game and a zombie passes right in front of the camera

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I started out hating the game when it was anounced and bla bla... but after brads review i now actualy want to play it.!! and in devil trigger he gets a red coat and white hair so i am sort of satisfied

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Dark souls only full game i have s ranked and that was becuse i needed something more to do inn it ^^ but to be fair when i was checking what i needed to complete all trophys all i needed was a trident and a miracle :P man i have played a lot of dark souls....

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Demon souls

Dark souls

Valkyria Chronicles


Witcher 2

Dragons dogma

Street Fighter 4


ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3

God of war 3


Borderlands 1-2

uncharted 2

Metal gear solid 4

Alice madness returns


Dmc 4 (the dante part)

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i generaly just use the dragonslayer bow. but i have killed him with swords then i stood on the side and waited for it to jump down to the bridge and to my luck it jumped down and startd breathing fire straight forewards and that made it so i could get behind it and wail on him but that is luck based and not a valid strategy