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Everyone should check out Stasis now that it's released. So far I've been really impressed.

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If you can find a good Kali/Eskrima/Modern Arnis school, I'd suggest you go for that. It teaches mostly weapon-focused things like sticks and daggers. But it also has empty-handed teachings as well, depending on the school. It can be a pretty flexible martial art with a big emphasis on flowing and improvising and adapting to the situation. If you're really looking to get in shape, I'd probably recommend finding a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. It's like chess but using your whole body. Exhausting!

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So far, my experiences has been that the way to win with the monster is to not fight at all. Played a few matches in which it was just yakity-sax-esque running around the map until the time ran out. The monster should have more reason to fight the hunters. I think it'd be good for the hunters and the monster to have more things to do in a match in general.

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I finished it a while ago on Survival and really enjoyed it. I'm on Chapter 11 of my Akumu mode play through and it really changes the way the game is played. I couldn't imagine doing it on anything other than PC. Without fast load times, I couldn't handle Akumu mode.

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If Martyrs is too gory/intense for you, I wouldn't recommend the Evil Dead remake. If you want a horror comedy go watch Dead Snow 2, it's rentable on Amazon Instant now.

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Alien is the best. Alien 3, having just watched it recently, is the absolute worst.

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Just wait until you unlock Akumu mode.

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SS13 is perhaps the greatest multiplayer game of all time.

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7/10 and it makes the Polygon reviewer uncomfortable.

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Us Chie fans already went through all of this.