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"8" is still a good score, right? I mean we haven't devolved so much that even 8's are now considered mediocre, have we?

An 8/10 seems to translate to a 3/5 these days.

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Check out Punisher MAX. It's basically the adult version of Marvel's Punisher series. There's no superheroes, just Frank Castle vs the criminal underworld. Great shit all around, though it is very dark.

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@BisonHero: Evangelion definitely has a pretty dark and bizarre tonal shift starting at episode 16, I'd say. Also, the "we ran out of money" ending was a real bummer, but they made a movie called End of Evangelion that wrapped things up much better.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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  • More polish.
  • More difficult.
  • A better PC release.
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The signs definitely point to this being a Metal Gear game. But even if it's not, I am on board!

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A bow got stuck in my player model. Whenever I look down I see the top of a floating bow, even in cutscenes. So I guess I do rock the bow pretty hard.

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Soldier name: EpsilonPrime

I'm usually on in the evening EST.

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Best Music - Max Payne 3

The soundtrack by Health just fits the mood and style of the game perfectly. The music has stuck with me long after I beat the game.

Best Voice Acting - Nolan North as Captain Martin Walker

Nolan North's performance in Spec Ops: The Line blew me away and changed my opinion of Nolan North completely. Truly amazing.

Best Story - Spec Ops: The Line

The way Spec Ops deconstructs the shooter genre is fantastic. Both the subtle touches and big events throughout the game make it the most memorable story this year.

Best Character - Clementine from The Walking Dead

Telltale's ability to make me care for a character in such a short amount of time is amazing. The emotional connect you develop with Clementine is really something else.

Best Graphics - Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath just oozes with style. From the unique character designs to the sheer beautiful scale of the set pieces, Asura's Wrath takes the cake when it comes to graphics.