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@crunchmonkey: LOL.
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@EvilDingo: it does not matter. bioware is pretty much the most consistent, and arguably greatest, game developer of all time. they will get it done. ME1 was simply a test to gauge how awesome they could make the second and third games.
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it makes me incredibly proud to see dead space at number 1. the fact that you awarded dead space game of the year speaks volumes to me about who you are as a video game player, and it's given me a deeper level of respect for you as such. if you haven't read the official xbox magazine review of dead space, it received a 6.5 out of 10. this was a review written by a stupid girl who knows nothing about what a video game should be and even less about how one should be played. this was the first time in which i've actually read oxm, and it will be the last. i'm not yet absolutely convinced that dead space would be my number 1 choice, but this is a game that is certainly deserving of it, and i'm glad to see that someone was smart enough to notice that.