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The same things as always, harassing people in the industry they deemed to be "SJWs".

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The male stereotypes are overwhelmingly positive across the board. To male gamers. That's the major difference.

And as far as primary demographic? I would be rediculously surprised if straight cis white men are a majority in gaming.

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Here's some things to think about, most choose your gender characters default white male. The vast majority of set characters are male.

So maybe the argument isn't so much that having the option to play a woman in a game is a bad example, but more that it's only a small step towards equality in the gaming space.

Until there are as many positive examples of women in games as men, it's unbalanced. And constantly making the default choice male doesn't help that.

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So, what's the definition pro GG people are using for harassment? Myself I'd definitely say jumping enmass on anyone who disagrees with the movement is a form of harassment. Especially when those tweets or whatever are rude and sometimes downright accusatory.

As well as the act of searching through things like dating site profiles and job histories and trying to contact local police to prove someone never reported something.

These are all things I see people doing under the GamerGate hashtag, on the GamerGate discussion boards, and on the GamerGate git pages.

Does his not count as harassment somehow? I mean, these aren't deaththreats, but is rudely contacting someone and going through all their personal info you can find and spreading rumors and lies about them no long considered harassment?

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The real shame here is that anyone who read those articles and then went to going GG is proving the point those articles were trying to make. We read you loud and clear, a vocal portion of the game community gets their feelings hurt very very easily and throw very large and dangerous fits if they don't feel very special. It's entitlement. Entitlement to have the industry be theirs instead of everyone's.

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Exaclty. GamerGate is the shit that happened to Zoe Quinn. It was the label Adam Baldwin gave to the harassment campaign against Zoe when he decided to take part in it.

It wasn't created in response to those articles, it was created in the harassment of a woman developer who had already gone through weeks of this bullshit.

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They're sending threats to them. And harassment. With the hash tag.

What you mean is they're not sending death threats. At least not with the hash tag on their main sock puppet accounts.

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Exactly. GG is at best related to the death threats and transparently responsible for the harassment they're being accused of committing.

As a movement GG is actively targeting women.

Everyone else is just everyone else, looking on in horror at what's going on. There is no anti GamerGate. And no group everyone else belongs to that we're all part of. If GG gets harassment it really does suck, but trying to lump any opposition into a group is ludicrous. I don't have anyone to denounce, as I haven't joined anything. The only thing I've done is denounced GamerGate.

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What is anti-gamergate? Is that another movement? I haven't seen that hash tag before.