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A Gorgeous, Flawed JRPG Experience 0

Ni no Kuni takes some of the best parts of the JRPGs of old and puts them into a modern context with a gorgeous world, lively characters, and active combat. But for every item that the game does well, I feel obligated to put a caveat on it. The result is a game that's great to dive into for JRPG fans both current and lapsed, with enough shortcomings to keep it from matching up against the pantheon of great games from the past. And it keeps enough tropes of the genre that it's hard to recommend t...

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Sequel takes a few steps forward, many steps back 3

The first Darksiders was a surprise hit, unexpectedly overcoming its pigeonholing as a "dark Zelda" and crafting a game that successfully incorporated and outdid many of its inspirations. The result is a sequel that comes in with higher expectations and a fanbase excited by an amazing ending that left us all wanting more. Darksiders 2 improves on elements from the first game, adds whole new elements which expand the gameplay greatly, but also breaks some of the better parts of its predecessor an...

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An Absolutely Incredible Journey 0

I've never really thought in terms of "best games" when I look back through my gaming history. It's better characterized as remembering my best moments in gaming. Those times where you got out of your gaming shell, got goosebumps, became choked up, and really connected with a game.Whether through story, music and visuals, such as the final sequence of Shadow of the Colossus, Frog recovering the Masamune in Chrono Trigger, or Shepard leading his suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. Through cooperati...

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Creepy, Fun, Frustrating, and Surprisingly Addictive 0

The Binding of Isaac is the latest creation of Edmund McMillen, the half of Team Meat primarily responsible for the art of Super Meat Boy, a connection that shows through the Isaac's art style. However beyond the visuals and music, the game bears little resemblance to the platforming gem. Instead, it draws influences from roguelike procedurally generated dungeon crawlers, twitch four-directional shooters like Smash TV, and the grids and secrets of the original Legend of Zelda dungeons.The game o...

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Great Zombie-Killing Sandbox, But Flawed Game 0

It's become beyond cliched at this point, but Dead Rising 2 is in fact more Dead Rising.  And that is both a good and a bad thing.  Zombie killing is still great fun and is now enhanced with new tools.  The mall-like setting is still fun to explore and filled with little hidden goodies, outfits, and easter eggs.  But Dead Rising's main game formula remains badly flawed and in need of serious rethinking.   You step into the shoes of Chuck Greene, ex-motocross superstar and current contestant on t...

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Amazing Style, But Lacking In Substance 0

Limbo is a game that knows what its trying to do and does it very well.  Unfortunately, it's not trying to do that much, and so the end result is a bit emptier and a much shorter than you would hope.  It might be worth it to you as an experience, but if your gaming budget is tight, I can't really recommend you buy this over many other XBLA titles with more depth.  Limbo is in essence a puzzle platformer.  You'll need some logical thinking, pinpoint timing, and quick reflexes in order to get thro...

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Great Revival of an Arcade Classic, But Not Long-Lasting 4

As a nostalgia play, this game does quite well.  It hits all the notes of the arcade classic and makes you remember sitting in the cabinet flying at top speed with your friends yelling as you flew between missiles and rolled back and forth.  But as a modern game that costs ten bucks, it probably isn't worth it for the time it'll give back to you unless you have a deep love for the series. For those that don't know, After Burner puts you in the seat of a modern jet that flies over various stages ...

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