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This is a huge thread, so maybe this was asked already, but are there any good/great new shows? I only watch action based stuff, I thought Attack on Titan was good and Fate/Zero was even better. Fate/Stay Night doesn't do much for me, since it's more traditional with a main hero, high school, love story, etc. FMA (both versions) and Yu Yu Hakusho are some of my past favorites. I'd like to get back into anime, but the other recent shows I've tried out (Kill la Kill, Tokyo Ghoul, etc) weren't for me.

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Is Luke Smith the middle dude on the E3 couch who was clearly boiling in anger during Jeff's interview?

Between that, and this interview, he clearly suffers from some sort of social disorder and I have no idea why Activision would send this guy to speak to the press.

With that being said, I have no problem throwing down $40 on DLC, as long as said content is worth the value. Bungie has not been too great in that department, but I'm still not ready to give up on Destiny just yet.

Luke Smith is cool, or at least was cool. He's from 1up and starred in the first great/big gaming podcast "1up Yours". People getting upset about 3 dance moves seems pretty dumb unless there's more content besides that. Really, gamers should've stayed away from Destiny, Evolve, and other half-assed games that don't have enough content to justify $60 and a season pass AND content beyond that season pass. If I had to choose any gaming community I'd be the least sympathetic towards it would probably be Destiny.

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I got the feeling that For Honor would be free-to-play, not sure why. I'd rather play it for free and you pay for characters, if it's done right like in Smite and Killer Instinct.

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I wouldn't assume it only has two player co-op. As you mention, it could just be this level, or maybe nothing we saw at E3 is actually in the game. It would be a dumb move to do that, simply because I don't like the idea of choices/features being taken away. If someone likes two player co-op then just go ahead and do two players... it's not like the choices were solo or with 3 friends only. From what I remember, it was 1 to 4 players, so someone personally preferring two players doesn't matter; 4 player co-op doesn't necessarily stop two player co-op.

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Game of e3 is this or just cause 3

Ghost Recon looked awesome, even more so if it has an survival aspects for food/medicine like DayZ does, but either way, I'd love to play that game right this second. Horizon was interesting to me simply because of the "WTF" mixture of things, I'm not dying to play it though.

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Does Sony have any big exclusives this year? They did a great job at distracting people from their lack of immediate games by appealing to big niche crowds (FF, Shenmue, etc).

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I've never bought a remaster, but I do want Mass Effect 1 to 3 with redone graphics and such. After that, they can stop lol.

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Surprisingly impressive: Square Enix, I'm someone who never cared about them but they now have 3 games I want to play (Hitman, JC, and maybe Dues Ex).

Most games I want to buy: Ubisoft, I'd buy Division, Ghost Recon, and R6 right now if I could.

Best of the big 3: MS, since they had stuff for this year and the future. I'm not big into Japanese games, so FF and Shenmue don't do anything for me. Announcing a Kickstarter on stage was a bit tacky IMO. They're trying to have their cake and eat it too. It seemed like they skipped over Morpheus, perhaps because it's not as far along as Oculus. PS4 still has nothing to play this year and Uncharted looked great graphically, but "playing another one of those" isn't at the top of my list. The same goes for Gears 4 so far. They were both flat to me; something like Ghost Recon is doing 3rd person shooters differently, those two games just look better than last gen.

Most lacking: EA, since they relied on Battlefront too much, which doesn't look that impressive. I love Battlefield, so I'll probably play it, but looks like Battlefield with new art assets. They should've actually shown Mass Effect. It probably won't come out next year though, it'll be March 2017.

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Cuphead is the only one I recall seeing that I'd love to play right this second, or at least watch someone play it in front of me.

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They're mostly the same. If you PC game and can play Witcher 3, GTA, etc then you're not missing much. My decision would depend on where I have the most friends, since co-op games are some of my favorites. Looking at E3 and already released exclusives, I'd go X1 over PS4; Sunset Overdrive is the best released exclusive I've played and MS showed off more interesting 2015 games than Sony.