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This shits gone off the rails! I draw the line at fascist dinosaurs.

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@Canteu: Bad example then... that breed of coop is very rare. I remember playing Dead Island on hard with my brother and I remembered the thrill I felt when we both had to run for our lives away from swarms of undead. Running for ones life in first person is highly entertaining... if you dont agree with that then why have games like Slender and Amnesia become such gaming phenomenons.

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If the protagonist is silent Id like for the game to give me dialogue options so that I can give him a character... charming sarcastic whatever. If the options are boring or everyone acts like you aren't even there I lose interest in the games story completely.

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Fable 3... Dog Armor and the Black Dye Pack... Fuck that game

Did the Oblivion horse armor actually improve your horses survivability? Cause the dog clothing in fable doesn't do anything.

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@Canteu: To me that game looked like pandemonium. Straight up death match doesn't drum up the feelings of tension and dread that a more survival based game would in my opinion. That said Ill be buying that when it comes up if just for the awkward petrodon walking animations.

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@mlarrabee: Thats... not quite what I meant... but definitely alot funnier lol

God help us if velociraptors evolve to use chainsaws

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They seem woefully underused. As I am currently watching videos of Jurassic Park Trespasser I wondered what happened in the 2000s where everyone suddenly decided that dinosaurs were not marketable anymore. Dinosaurs are deadly, numerous, intimidating and were once real. Instead we get Zombies and Russian in every game lol

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@DeavonW: Dinosaurs > Zombies

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You know its a good idea.. that's why you came here. Im thinking large open maps with varying objectives such as reach the compound.. reach the helicopter/boat/jeep whatever. Campaigns with interconnected maps and of course Dinosaurs. It should be paced to build tension; with raptors stalking the players and T-rex heard from a great distance away. The emphasis should be on survival and teamwork rather than shooting every dinosaur that crosses your path. What do you guys think about this?

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@toast_burner: Is it lonely up there... on your pedestal?
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