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#1 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

Both sides of this pointless firestorm need to calm down. Here's an idea - and I am being totally serious, not sarcastic or facetious - why don't some of the notable female game journalists band together and create their own game journalism site? It may be too expensive to create a "female Giant Bomb" right off the bat, but it might grow into that. Just like Kevin Smith has said of people wanting him to read their scripts: "Don't beg me to read your script. Make the movie and I'll watch it."

#2 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

I definitely favor Jeff handing off hosting duties to Brad more often/ on a regular basis.

#3 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

I've been watching/reading stuff Jeff has been putting out since the early Gamespot days - when he's allowed to speak and act naturally he always has more to complain about than praise. That's just how he works. And it's much more entertaining/insightful to hear about how and why a game is broken than to hear some gush about it for minutes on end.

One thing that should change, though: I am sick and tired of all the Dark Souls and Roguelike coverage. It seems to be on its way out, but for a few months there the amount of content was getting ridiculous.

#4 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

Is this a Dark Souls thing? Or just insane?

#5 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

The PlayStation ad was clever, but we're to assume that guy has lived in the same one-room apartment for the last 15-20 years?

#6 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

This is going to be hot garbage. Reasons:

1. PG-13 Rating instead of R? Check.

2. Coming out in the film-death month of February? Check.

3. Suit looks ridiculous? Check.

The director Jose Pidilha has done some good stuff in the past, so that's about the only glimmer of hope I see.

#7 Edited by Deckard (67 posts) -

That thing looks like a photoshop render for a potenial "Is this what the next DS will look like?!?!?!?!?!" articles on IGN.

#8 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

Well, this is just another example of a game turning into more of a "service," a la Team Fortress 2. The only difference between the trajectory of TF2 and Street Fighter 4 is the Capcom still insists on releasing (and charging for) separate iterations. Street Fighter V will most likely not arrive until the next-gen consoles have been out for some time in order to justify an entirely new product.

#9 Posted by Deckard (67 posts) -

Man, this so crazy and sad. I've never gotten this upset about the passing of someone who is ostensibly a stranger to me. And yet, I have probably heard more of Ryan's thoughts on life and current events in the last 10-15 years than anyone besides my immediate family. He will be missed.

#10 Edited by Deckard (67 posts) -

Interesting. Although, since the restrictive policies were already announced the XONE was certainly designed with those policies in mind, I give MS about 3 years before these policies rear their ugly head again. By then maybe a lot less people will care (i.e. acceptance of digital-only), but nonetheless...

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