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Will be the first FPS I play on my computer with a 360 controller. Loved it on the Xbox One.

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Honestly, that's how i get the most out of gaming on mobile devices.

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I'm on week 6 of regular gym-going.

I feel great, lost weight, added muscle. Shirts and pants feel WAY better.

High school shirts fit again!

Only thing that sucks is the "eating better" part.

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applied, evega7

EDIT: So how the hell does one access the platoon page? I don't see it anywhere and can't get to it unless i click on someone's link.

never mind. It's in the menu under Soldier

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Walkding Dead from Activision. HOLY SHIT

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I actually SOLD my Xbox One, I am getting Titanfall on PC.
I feel that I take my $50 loss and just wait till the Xbox One's inevitable drop in price or value bundle WHEN it finally has a game worth buying. There's nothing now or on the horizon for it.

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I am near the loop and am down to meet up.

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I don't notice any screen tearing by having vsync OFF. Fuck, now I want to try getting it to run at 60FPS with vsync ON. Last time I used Catalyst Control Center I fucked up my system.