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@flstyle: I am cringing so much at your posts. You effectively came in here just to say "Why would I play these bad games when I have good games?" which serves no one.

It's like people talking about Star Craft and you come in and say "why would I play an RTS game where you can only build a few buildings when I could get Sim City and build hundreds of buildings with more depth!"

Souls games are not hack and slash games. That's why people don't just play Bayonetta.

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I just tried this on the PC version and did not have any of these issues. I was using an xbox 360 controller, for reference.

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It's pretty clear the answer is Dark Souls 1. It's not only the best in the series, but it also starts you off with some clunkier UI elements that will be really hard to go back to if you started with Dark Souls 2.

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@vierastalo said:

I love it as long as we never get another episode of strictly Dan and Danny. I love those guys but they need a third person to counteract their own experiences which most of us had already heard by the end of episode 2. The reason why I love it is that we get to hear an often very serious side of everyone involved that, especially with someone like Jeff, we aren't used to hearing. Don't get me wrong, Jeff has never been one to stray from telling a personal anecdote or two, but to hear him actually tell it not to set up a punchline but to discuss his psychological reaction to it made me appreciate him more. Same goes for the Dans and probably any other crew member that will appear on that show.

This sums me up pretty much. I love the episodes that have a guest. The ones with only Dan and Danny .... eh, they have good moments. The problem is that when left alone to themselves, they tend to gravitate towards a cringe inducing "nice guy" attitude that just makes my skin crawl. Especially when the questions are about dating.

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The idea that Origin is behind Dragon Age not working on your computer is laughable.

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@thatonedudenick: So what are they supposed to be doing after the game has gone gold and they are sitting around waiting for it to be certified and the discs printed and sent to stores?

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You sound very insecure. Who are you trying to convince here?

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I would bet almost anything that half the budget they are asking for is going on ridiculous, shitty swag.

Seriously, look at all the JUNK you get if you are pledging for the higher tiers? It's the mistake all rookie kickstarters make. You're going to give me a hoody and a shirt and a mug and USB stick and a photo of your mom and an IKEA chair and a spare key to your house because I pledged $100? Do you not need that money, for say, the game instead of producing a bunch of generic tat?

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Flag and forget.