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I remember him laughing like crazy in that old Battlefield TNT clip where someone jumps on a tank and it explodes.

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Some people don't click with other people. These forums like to go on about about everyone always hates newcomers at first, specifically when talking about Patrick. That's just not true though. People didn't not like Patrick because he was new, they didn't like him for a bunch of other reasons.

I'm also not a huge fan of Dan but that's just because his sense of humour isn't the sort of thing that I usually find funny. There's a chance that he'll loosen up as he settles in to the job, but if he doesn't, no skin off my nose. I'll keep watching and enjoying his stuff, he just won't be the main attraction like Vinny generally is.

Don't worry about it. It's sad that the times of Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad are gone, but hey, things change.

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Yeah, I'm not a fan of the streams where they play old games. I like it when there's a full couch and everyone is interacting with each other (especially love it when Rorie is there). I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the Freedom stream though, it just isn't my favourite thing they do..

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Since my comment is the one in the screenshots, I would just like to say that Patrick responded to me in a super douchy way. I don't remember the exact phrasing, but he made fun of me for calling him out with the "god forbid I make a joke, right?" attitude that he constantly acts like he is above.

I remember getting that PM from a staff member of the site making fun of me and just closing the window. I don't watch his content anymore.

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Looks like I'm the only guy here so far who goes balls out. It's just so much easier to pee if you don't have your underwear digging into your dick cutting off the flow.

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Hah, and to think there were people on this very forum trying to claim that the shipped game on Ultra looked identical to the E3 demo. It's just comical.

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I love it. I just really hope you're either using custom tile sets you found or else you're actively going to draw your own sprites. It's just that no matter how cool the game is, the default look of these games are pretty awful and amateur.

Looking forward to seeing more!

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@nals: There are literally videos out there of a side-by-side comparison of PC Ultra and the old demos. They look nothing like each other. PC Ultra is pretty, sure, but it seriously downgraded in comparison to what they said it would look like.

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Literally all they do is Endurance Runs these days. Almost all of their premium content lately for a while was just them playing through games completely. People can argue and say it was different but it's the same.