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@crusader8463:  They never wanted to charge you to hear the bombcast.
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The staff at Whiskey think it's too long purely because that's two and a half hours they're in a room talking instead of working on content. Vinny could be cutting reviews while they talk, Jeff could be reviewing a game, Brad could be doing looking handsome ...
They've all got stuff to do.

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The middle name, street name thing just doesn't work for me, so I'm going with James Bondage.

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@ClaritySam:  Well if you're saying it's right to steal, I think you're a total dick too : D
Stick it to the man, they have all that money, big bad corporation! And no, there's no difference between pirating intellectual property and theft. But I'm going to steal a car from the factory, so that it only effects the giant multi-national corporation and not a person. And maybe I'll take that car and go to Ikea and steal a bunch of furniture. Only the big bad money men lose out, VIVA LA RESISTANCE.
God, do people really think that way? Don't steal, kids. Just because it's a videogame and you love videogames doesn't mean you get free stuff.
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That's not what 1D is at all.

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I'll miss Brad but I wish him well on any ventures he takes up now :/

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There's a huge amount of TEXT IN CAPS LOCK on your site. That really puts me off.

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It's also quite a long road.

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Don't get if for PC. The first one had terrible, terrible control issues and was really just a bad port. I have no faith the second game will be any different.

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As long as I get to hear the Nintendo releases every week, I'm not fussed.