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@coryrx8:  You didn't fly first class on your honeymoon? Does your wife know you're so cheap? Hehe ;)
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@SeriouslyNow:  Oh, so you just decided to respond to my comment about him hating all MMO's with a comment about how he's negative about MMO's and they're not connected?
Wow, man. I mean, wow. Don't reply to unrelated posts.
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@SeriouslyNow:  Clearly my knowledge that he plays WoW is liking him too much.
You should be a psychologist, man.
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@SeriouslyNow:  And thus he hates MMO's! IT'S OBVIOUS NOW.
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People who keep saying Jeff hates MMO's are silly. It's almost like he didn't put 200 hours into WoW.

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You won't be able to subscribe if you're with Halifax, they're stupid about it for some reason.

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Don't make this day job

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It's too old for you to get why it was so loved at the time. The gameplay didn't age well.

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He died off screen in ME2, if I recall.

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@Ceno said:
" I checked out this game after the quick look and ended buying the first-ever lifetime subscription I've ever purchased.  No, it's no WoW.  Not yet.  It's been out for a bloody week, and WoW's been out for almost 7 years.  It is, however a damn solid MMO, with great production values and it's a lot of fun to play.  I'm sure adjustments to the UI and more customization options will be patched in as the game finds its footing, but I've had nothing but a blast while playing it.  All it's done has made me excited about what's coming down the pipe.  Also, I don't know what constitues a "casual" play-session for Jeff, but I've been hitting this game hard all weekend long and I'm only up to about level 12.  So maybe casual, on-again-off-again play to Jeff is actually 48-hour gaming marathons.  I have no idea.  It doesn't make any sense though. "
A single weekend and you're almost halfway to the level cap? That's my problem here. In 4 days playing casual I can get to the max level.