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@nals: There are literally videos out there of a side-by-side comparison of PC Ultra and the old demos. They look nothing like each other. PC Ultra is pretty, sure, but it seriously downgraded in comparison to what they said it would look like.

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Literally all they do is Endurance Runs these days. Almost all of their premium content lately for a while was just them playing through games completely. People can argue and say it was different but it's the same.

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People who say all alcohol tastes like shit to them sound really weird to me. Have you tried all alcohol? Have you mixed all alcohol?

Very few people will drink something without a mixer and say it tastes good, you gotta get something else in the there. I mean, my favourite drink is a screwdriver. It's literally just vodka and orange juice - if you do it right, you can't even taste the vodka. It's just sweet orange juice that gets you drunk.

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This is great, I'm set for another year.

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So you play everything on the PC?

Yet you also spend large amounts of money to buy the brand new Xbox One and PS4?

.... but you don't think there's anything to play on them and won't be until 2015 at the earliest?

.... and you think the Wii U has more games that you want to play now and in the future but you don't own one of them?


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@aegon: I don't want to be "that guy" but in the books they are known interchangeably between White Walkers and Others, depending on who is talking about them.

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@veektarius: I would definitely recommend giving the expansion a go, if you see a price that looks good to you. The things that actually add a huge amount of variety to the game aren't the stuff they were showing off, like the genetic and robot soldier enhancements, but it was the small stuff like way more maps, and new start locations for old maps. Plus there actually are like ... two or three new missions to the main storyline that involve the new threat that didn't get much mention, but were really fun (and really fucking hard).

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@gunslingerpanda: Wow, craziest thing I've seen all week. Of course sexuality is a thing.

@mooseymcman: I just wanted to say how weird this is to read as another openly bisexual male with Crohns disease. It's like someone stole my diary and published it online, hah.

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They don't have anything coming up at the moment so it doesn't appear.

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I thought Hizang was back for a second. I was having conflicted emotions.

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