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It's worse.

I'm apparently in the minority though. It's a great game but a terrible Dragon Age game. Plays awfully and has a pretty terrible story, makes up for it with good characters though.

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They are really good!

I don't think it looks anything like Dan though, I'm getting a much more Nick Cage vibe.

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@corevi: Robin has a default. It's like saying you can't buy a Commander Shepard figurine because you could customise his face.

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I can't believe people are still helping the OP after what a complete douche he is being.

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I wish that I could put the hours into it that most of you have. I finished it at about 47 hours or so.

It's a good game. Maybe even a great game. It's just not a very good Dragon Age game. Actually, it might be the worst in the series, due to the sheer fact the combat is atrocious. I got hooked on the story and the characters, but I don't think I ever found the combat anything other than tedious.

Dragon Age: Origins 2, let's do this Bioware.

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I was going to play it but Facebook log in? Nah bruh.

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He's going to open a drugs nightclub.

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You don't call someone "dad" or "papa" out of respect. You do because it's the first deliberate noise a baby can make and they're the only people you hang out with.

Nah man, me and the other babies would all hang up and bro it up, baby style.

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I literally did not care about any of those games apart from the Sims 4, so I'm gonna go with that. Although it's apparently gotten a lot better with a bunch of free updates and patches, it's still just a huge step down from the Sims 3.

Give me Create a Style or give me death, EA.