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I've said it countless times on this forum and I'll say it again.

Bioshock is utter, complete garbage.

Rant and rave to me all you want about the amazing setting and atmosphere, but the fundamental gameplay of the game is awful. It's like they didn't even realise they were building a shooter and just slapped some gun controls in there last minute.

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I came here to say there are a ton of animals that make creepy screaming noises, but specifically I was going to mention foxes. Thankfully, the person above me mentioned them and linked to a video.

Foxes are some freaky shit, man. I live on the edge of a large woodland area, so I get woken up by them quite often just frolicking around in my garden. It's like the sound of someone dying a horrible death every time they open their mouths.

It also makes sense that's why it kept going back and forth, because that sort of animal is going to be running around doing it's thing. It sure would be cool that your story had some sort of supernatural bent, but realistically, it doesn't, it's just an animal.

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I can't think of many old games that I am waiting for a HD remaster.

I will say though, if they never re-release Dragon Age: Origins with some sort of "we've recorded voices for the main character!" than they will have fucked up. That will completely revitalise that game for me, and I've played it three or four times now.

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I might have thrown up in my own mouth from how ridiculous and flowery this is.

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I'm not a fighting game fan, so can someone explain to me how it makes sense to release SF5?

They just released like the fourth update to their old game with new moves, mechanics and characters. How could they possibly make a sequel that is any different to that? They can't reinvent the fighting game, or change it dramatically or fans will cry foul. So is it just gonna be a new graphics engine?

Odds are that after this many years of updates to SF4, there's no way the new game will have as many characters or as much content, so what can they actually do to justify this as a sequel?

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If you've never finished any of them, of course not, why would you waste your money?

I don't blame you for not finishing Y though, X/Y are maybe the worst games in the franchise so far.

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@mcfart: Yeah, having a pathetically small room to put a Pikachu rug and a doll of Clefairy is the exact same thing as a Garrison.

I remember fondly going to my Secret Bases in Emerald and building an upgrade that allows me to essentially have a third profession, or all those quests I got from my Clefairy doll, or that cool time I had my own portals installed. It was great how that game made Secret Bases feel like a huge part of the world.

Great times.

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That looks incredible, but man, I HATE those snakes flying out. I'd like to see the snakes either taken out or remove one and replace it the snakes tail or something.