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Sensationalist bullshit.

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Jim Sterling is great. I never understood why everyone hates him so much. It usually just comes down to "he doesn't agree with me on my opinion of this game! What a troll!"

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I think Bioshock 1 is such a bad game that I could not get more than a few hours into it before quitting and never playing again. However, the gaming world seems to consider it some sort of amazing, genre-changing savant of a game and it bums me out that I can't see in it what everyone else does.

Urgh just thinking of how bad the shooting/combat is in that game makes me want to uninstall it all over again.

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I found the flag button.

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No, you can't catch all the Pokemon. HOWEVER, you can catch a fuck ton of them. Generstions 1-4 only have like ten families of Pokemon you can't catch (such as Growlithe and Arcanine, one family, are not in the game). Gen 5 is almost barren since it's the most recent one and they want you buy that game too. There are at least 450 available to catch judging by the Pokedex.

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Pokemon-amie has affection, which is a different mechanic to the old friendship stat. You just gotta do it the same way you do in other games.

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this is the least grindy game in the series. They've brought back Exp All from Gen 1, except this time it gives 50% of the experience from the battle to the entire team, instead of everyone getting a 1/6 of the experience. So your team is all going to level up at the same pace, no more "oh I need to switch out, my main is getting too strong and leaving everyone behind".

Plus you get experience from catching Pokemon now too.

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There is a "coming up on Giant Bomb" thing on the front page.

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Yeah, this is just the Japanese version of the Torchic event that is going to happen world wide. They do a bunch of these things, there's currently one going on for a shiny version of Giratina.

Not entirely sure it needed its own thread, but who knows? Maybe some Japanese gamers here didn't know about it.