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It was really hard for the first few hours, but after that, it just became easy. I could kill anything by the time I reached the second region, so the nemesis system really did nothing for me from then on. If by chance a captain would kill me, I would just go find them and kill them straight away to get revenge.

It's a shame, I was forced to finish the game because I had no reason to play around with the nemesis system. The upgrades I picked were apparently too powerful and the runes I got were also apparently too powerful? for instance, I got a rune early on that gave me health for killing an enemy.

I know people will say to not use that rune or don't unlock the double finisher skill, but that's a fault of the game if me playing the way I wanted to ruined any sense of the difficulty. At that point I'm deliberating handicapping myself and if I'm having to come up with ways to make the game interesting myself, then something has gone wrong there. I want to play the game again so that I can go back to before I upgraded myself but the tedious and terrible campaign missions (aka 19 tutorial missions and then the final boss mission) just remove any desire for me to play.

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It plays fine on the 3DS XL, but man, it turns out Smash Bros on a portable was really not what I was looking for.

It's a solid game and I'm having fun but as someone who obsessively played Melee and Brawl, I don't see myself spending nearly as much time with this.

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I'm almost certain that the rights to the Blue Wizards are locked up in the Unfinished Tales/Silmarillion rights that are locked away tight from anyone. They can be mentioned because they were mentioned in the Lord of the Rings, but apart from that, they aren't open for interpretation.

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If there are creatures in the game that already fullfill the role, to the point that something as easy as giving them a different name without changing anything about them would be sufficient, then this just seems like kind of a petty complaint. Why aren't trolls and wargs in the game? Because caragors and grougs are there already. No point in being redundant. The last thing this game needs is an obligation to fullfill more fanservice, that's the reason the awful Gollum bits were worked into the game. Yeah they could have had wargs instead of caragors in every other cage, and they could have had a troll show up about half the time instead of a graug, but that woulda been a good number of extra months in work, especially if they wanted to make trolls distinct(as they are in the books are films) in the way orcs are. That might be the real reason behind it, trolls are individually distinct, requiring yet another giant randomizing system of traits like the orcs, and graugs can just be 1 or 2 model variants.

I don't think it's fan service at all. Wargs and Trolls are things that Tolkien created, Carrigors and Graug are not.

It's like having a video game based on Harry Potter, and they go to Azkaban and it's guarded by these new creatures called Soul Wraiths. It's not fan service to want the actual, real things the author created where they should be, not replaced by a new monster for no reason. It's only fan service if they have a troll stab you in the chest and everyone thinks you're dead and suddenly you get up and go "well I had my mithril shirt on that all rangers wear!".

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There ... is barely a resemblance between them.

I mean, A for effort but come on guys. We can do better than this. It's a slippery slope where we're just eventually posting pictures of Simon Cowell and claiming Jeff got a job on the X Factor.

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No, it looks nothing like Vinny.

They have stubble, that's pretty much the only thing you could possibly say is vaguely Vinny-like.

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@Levius: It's a real shame that game development doesn't work like that. Tim reveals here that it costs around 10k a month to employ one person at Double Fine. I don't know how many people worked on Spacebase, but I'd hazard a guess it is more than the 4 that work on Prison Architect, a similar game people keep bringing up.

Breaking even in the first few weeks of a game is always great if you've finished that game. Breaking even in the first few weeks of early access means nothing, because they still have to, you know, actually make the game. A year later, and at least half a million dollars later in employee wages (that's assuming only four people worked on the game, which I sincerely doubt), the game just doesn't cover it anymore.

There's no grand conspiracy here. They're just trying to make a game that people apparently don't want. It sucks, but there's nothing they can do about it.

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You shouldn't worry about things like that, it's no way to live. Thinking forward to every game you want this year and worrying that it will be underwhelming or disappointing is just a negative attitude that is going to accomplish nothing. The games will be good or bad, there's nothing you can do about it.

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I don't do anything.

I love Super Smash Brothers and the only reaction I had to Jeff and Brad dismissing it so definitively was "well, I guess we won't get that two hour live stream like Jeff suggested on the podcast".

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I doubt anyone still has any codes left, but if someone wants to shoot me an EU one, I'd be really grateful.