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I'm going to start with a warning before I start this blog, There will be spoilers though out and I strongly encourage you to play this game without getting anything spoiled as even in the first chapter their are plot twister and major character development, but nevertheless enjoy.

Japanese Box Art

Mother 3, wow just wow I can't believe on how much I enjoy this follow up to Earthbound. It took the original formula of E-Bound and made it quirkier, crazier and more lovable but change it up just a little bit to make it feel different. Mother 3 has a complicated past, as it started as a follow up to Earthbound on the new Nintendo 64 at the time, conveniently called Earthbound 64. After multiple delays it got put as a new title for the 64 DD drive add on. Eventually the DD drive got canceled and so too did Earthbound 64. Years would past and after almost a decade later, we finally got Mother 3, unfortunately it wasn't in English and only released in Japan. Sadly this would be the only way us western gamer's could experiences this game, but a team of fans (at set out to create a fan transition patch so every one can experiences this wonderful masterpiece and after two years of pain staking work everyone got to see Mother 3 for all it glory. That's enough of the back story you guys want to know what I think of this game.

Me and Mother 3 haven't seen eye to eye and it took me finishing the game to realized how good this story really is. I would always watch my sister play Earthbound and after we heard a sequel was coming out on the Nintendo 64, we got really excited and couldn't wait to have a brand new adventure in the Earthbound world. Time went all and nothing happened and we soon forgot about Earthbound 64. Eight to nine years later and the rise of YouTube lets play I got to see Mother 3 and all it English glory. I downloaded the patch but was in for a shock, this wasn't a Mother game let along a sequel to my beloved Earthbound, no towns hamburgers and baseball bats. Sadly soon after I stopped playing right before a major plot twist. Its wasn't until my resent play though of Earthbound (here is a link to my blog about it) that when I decided to give Mother 3 second chance.

Crazy Boss Battles

Mother 3 takes on a 8 chapter story between the lives of Tazmily village and the New Pork Army and boy it is a touching story that has a lot of plot twister, character development and wacky stuff you love from Earthbound all rolled into one. If there is one reason to play this game it will be for the story. Mr Itoi created a novel worthy story that ranges from confines of a clay man factory to a island with psychedelic mushrooms you will never over spend your time in one area which keeps everything fresh and exciting. Now if you thought Earthbound music was good wait till you hear Mother 3, just to show how much I loved this music, I bought the soundtrack right after I finished the story. Have you ever tap your foot to a battle theme, Mother 3 will make you do it. Beethoven music even makes an appearance but Mother 3 takes it to the next level with its combo system, As you play out the turn based battles there will be a underlining bass beat to the music if you can match it up, will cause an increase damage to your enemies causing the game to be a lot easier. This epic adventure set its mood with it music and takes full advantages to the GBA capabilities. From the start to the end don't expected to get an easy game, compare to dare I say it Earthbound, boss battles got a whole lot tougher. It will require careful technique to beat without requiring a high level to breeze though. Mr Itoi has done an amazing job with the dungeons. An Attic full of Angry forgotten instruments, Mother 3 has that, An underwater dungeon where you have to work your way from oxygen supply to oxygen supply yes surprising Mother 3 has that too. Everything about this game from it setting to unique enemies to the consent old Mother game reference never gets old or feels like it got stolen from another game.

Mother 3 story is one of a kind, that has fleshed out charaters and has a underlining meaning that you could write a collage essay on. The level of detail from any Mother game is still there but just upgraded ten fold and I got to admit has one of the most catchy battle and boss music that will not disappoint. The 25 hours it takes to complete this adventure with put you through your paces, you will cry, jump for joy and say "omg that was epic". I was wrong to not see this game all the way through the first time and I know it takes a couple of chapters to get into but definitely see this masterpiece all the way to the end. Mother 3 is a harder sell then its prequel but definitely should not be over look to fans of the franchise and to hard core rpg players. As a closing thought, I hope Nintendo sees a market for these type of games as they are truly diamonds in the ruff and I wish more people could experience this series world wide. Thank you guys for reading!!! I don't know what my next game with be but any ideas of stuff to check out with be greatly appreciated. I'm still playing through Fuel and I'm about 20 hours in and it still look like the end is not in sight. I also recently bought Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and for the weird game it is, I'm quiet enjoying it so expected a blog on that in the future but until next time gamers keep gaming

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A Hidden Gem Called Earthbound

Biggest game box ever!!!

Earthbound has a special place in my heart, I have nostalgic overload when it comes to what I call a masterpiece but again my review or what i say about it is 100 percent biased. This was one of the very first game I ever got to experiences let along complete as a kid, it even produced memory's between me and my sis as I watch her play it for countless times I learn so much details about this game before I even got my hands on it. I loved even reading that simple players guide making Eagleland feel like a living, breathing country, with it newspaper ads and events page all from the guide. I even remember being so excited with my sister for the release of Earthbound 64 but we now know how that story goes. Lets jump 17 years later, it has been a long time since I played this game let alone the actual cart. I was about 4 when I first experiences E-bound jump maybe 7 years later I got to play the game again through the use of roms and emulators. So when I got the actual cart from my sister and her SNES, I would have been insane not to play it again and even better that my memory was a bit fuzzy about the game making it seem more fresh and more awesome to remember the wittyness the game has to offer, the classic 16 bit music and just how different this is game today and back then. Enough of hearing a boring back story, you guys wanna know why you should give a dam about Earthbound and why ever RPG fan should at least give this game a try.

Cop Cars in a RPG what!?!

Earthbound comes from an era where RPG's were just becoming mainstream in the gaming community, with stuff like FF6 and Chrono trigger coming on the SNES, games like those had there knights, potions, swords and staffs but the franchise of Mother (called in Japan, also I will get into the first game on a different blog) wanted to be different. It did away with the swords and potions for Baseball bats and hamburgers which even to this day I haven't played RPG in that vain. The setting ditch the fantasy land for the heart of America creating something you could relate to. I bet anyone if this game was released as a new IP on a hand held it would have been love today not just a cult classic its now know for.

I booted up the cart and the one thing Earthbound does the best out of anything is the 16 bit music, the title screen with the 16 bit rock sounds amazing, But needless to say why I love this music is with the infusion of classic hits like Johnny B Good and the Beatles making every song memorable and it seals a memory in time, right now I'm listen to the album and I can remember what part of the game that was from and what I was going in the game at the time which beside a famous gaming song or melody I have never been able to do. Earthbound has a slow start in the beginning but it picks up to tale of epic proportions and takes a surprising dark turn to how light hearted and cutesy the game takes its self. One of my favorite parts of the game is trip out coffee talks you have with a couple of NPC's. Having a chat with them make you feel like you came a long way in the 30 plus hours the game takes to complete, I really like when games does this because you have to reflected all the back to hour one and are like "wow I have come a long way and become so much more stronger" Needless to say this blog will become a 10 page essay if I talk about every little detail.

Warning spoilers in the video Trip out coffee video

A colorful game forsure!

Earthbound is a game every RPG fan should play, It may be Kiddie and light hearts but rest assured there is deep level of detail put into this game for even a Hardcore RPG fanatic to sink there teeth into. For the around 30 hours the games takes to beat I bet you can find a moment that every time someone mentions Earthbound you will look back to. It maybe a slow start and quite easy but complete it because there is always a surprise around the corner, an new dialog you haven't seen and even a new item or two you have never used before but maybe one day Nintendo will finally re-release this masterpieces and then everyone can play this game. So thanks for reading guys!! I will be playing through Mother 3 for the first time next to continue this franchise but I'm still working on Fuel, blog to come for both games soon but until next time "keep gaming gamers"


1/128 1/128! Rinse and Repeat

What I have been Playing (Week Oct 11- 18 2012) Warning Spoilers Through out this Blog!!!

Fuel image

So this week was quiet a slow week in games with everything picking up again in life from school to work but needless to say I will keep this blog going, just because the how much I love talking about games and broad spectrum of games I play, sure to make something interesting to say the least. In this week I dive deeper into the world of Fuel and talk about the dreaded grind fest coming up in Earthbound. On side note I got my Wii back so some recommend games to play on the virtual console will be greatly appreciated and will be featured on this blog.

Playing Now:


There is always a moment in games, more so in games you are replaying where you just dread gettiing to. Since the beginning of when you hit that new game button and past when the world is setup and the plot is built comes that point. It can be a wide range of thing like a tough part you could never beat or a quest where you have to jump a million loops to complete. In my case its a grindfest of hours and hours of battles and battles to find the sword of kings an ultimate weapon with a dreaded drop rate of 1/128. Back to the first time I play Earthbound I remember it took countless hours/days to get it. I will post on my next blog how long it took to get this wonderful item. So with that off my mind lets get more into the experiences. I talk about how much I love this story so lets do this some more. Earthbound does plot so well, they give you stuff to do not related to the main plot but still help further your goal of the 8 melodies and when you jump back to that your like shit I forgot I this was my main thing I was doing. Earthbound keeps everything fresh and interesting by adding all these sub plots like the Runaway Five and the pyramids of Scaraba to name a few. So I'm about 2/3 of this game complete but the best parts are still to come.


Ah Fuel, I'm Saving this game mostly for the weekend and be prepared to hear briefly about this game a long time of this blog as this game s huge. I'm big buff on finding and doing everything a games has to offer but this game puts me to the limit. I'm about 7 hours onto this play through and only on the 3rd camp out of 19 and if you do that math equal crap that huge. This draws me to the number one flaw of Fuel, Sure there a massive world to see but there is not very much to do beside the main races which seem still interesting at this point but the challenges, finding the view point and skins are all but tedious. The environments you see are even getting old. There was a little bit of a beach to drive around but it has been mosly of that broken down trees, forest and lots of dirt roads to see. I'm giving this game a chance and getting more into it next weekend or to the fact that I have to complete everything but more on Fuel in the Future.

Wanting to Buy or Find:

So not much new on this front but keep them coming with the games to play on the Wii/VC and also give some hidden gems to play on the original Xbox. But other then that I'm still wanting to buy a copy of Red Dead Redemption and Jak & Daxter the first game in the series.

That's all for now Folks thanks for reading and comment away with feedback and opinion, keep gaming and as always I will leave you with this gaming music goodness.

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Earthbounding A Blog

A Update to the Last Blog (Warning Spoilers through out this Blog!!!!)

I have a couple revised things that I said last blog that I was wrong or at most got more knowledge about. The first thing that comes to mind is that I said that more RPG's need a modern setting, I was wrong at lot of rpg's have a modern setting (ie lost odyssey, final fantasy vii) but the thing that Earthbound does is that it gives you that modern setting but puts quirky characters and events into the mix and creates a truly memorable game.

Playing Now:


So its been a couple weeks since a posted a blog but rest assured I been playing Earthbound and another game but I will get to that later. I will try to talk more about my experiences with that game then just judging it. I'm about the half way point of the game just going to Summers and Its unbelievable how much this game takes a darker turn from the cuties and quirky routes. I love this part of this game just by the fact about how much the villain is trying to stop you and throw a wrench in your way. It just inspires you to over come over these obstacles and get to the final battle. So once you get to the towering city of fourside you look around and find its the end of the road, where do you go after you complete all the events in this place, after your done fourside the games like what! "Time to stop exploring Eageland and start going to different country's and regions in the world of Earthbound" Which I really love just for that fact is the sky is the limit when its comes to the new things you can see in this masterpieces. Their is just one minor fault I have about the point where you can buy bottle rockets in the game, is that you can one hit most enemies and do major damage to most bosses and you think these items are insanely priced nope by the time I got to Fourside i had well over 100k in money and bottle rockets only cost 300 dollars, buts that only a minor fault compared to the amazing storyline the game posses


I can't say much about this game because I just got it and i'm only in the first couple races in the game, but man the expansive area is somthing to be said. Its looks like the game with go on forever and I'm quite curious how the game with hand this and see how they will put a weather mechanic to this as seen in the intro. Only time will tell but I will get more into this on the weekend. Btw the copy I got was on the 360.

Wanting to buy or Find:

I just pick up from Ebay was Pokemon Fire Red so as soon I get my Gameboy SP fixed, so look for that in the future. I also pick up Fuel for a releasable price. It look interesting and can satisfied my racing needs I hope.

I'm still looking for Red Dead Redemption and Jak & Daxter Collection and now I got my Wii back so I wanted to get into some VC goodness so any good recommends are greatly appreciated.

That's all for now Folks thanks for reading and comment away with feedback and opinion, keep gaming and as always I will leave you with this gaming music goodness

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Lets start something different!!!

An brief summary of me:

So first things first I love to play games, I guess I wouldn't be posting on this site if i didn't. I would be know as a collector, I have keep every game I gotten over the years about 12 years now, Most I have not completed and I always thought one day I would but I buy them faster then I can play. Anyway the most treasured games I have range from Metroid Trilogy all the way to Super Mario RPG on the SNES. To my newest addition Earthbound but i will get into that later. So one day I will complete everything one day but I will try to blog on my newest additions and what I'm playing as I go along :).

Playing Now:

Earthbound: So I guess a back story is in due on how I got this cart when the rarity of this game can go upwards of 300 dollar Ebay. The story is simple my older sister was moving and didn't want her SNES any more, so fifty bucks later, Now I'm a proud owner of a Snes, a couple b-rated game to Donkey Kong Country and Earthbound (boxed and everything). Now with that story out of the way I can get to the game. Now I have play and beaten this game a couple time during my childhood days, so nothing is new here but I wanted to find, open, and listen to all the witty humor that you can find ( Ok there is one exception I wont be getting all the 1 in 128 items because I need to have some life) in this play through of this game. There are a couple thing I want to get off my mind, I guess i will start on the positive note. I wish all RPG could do this (Western and Japanese) the biggest one is the YOU WON screen, it stream lines the rpg so much rather then fight weaker enemy's it just gives you the xp and its makes a two min battle and turns it two seconds making the painfulness of backtracking so much more bearable. The second point is just a wish but I want more rpgs in the modern setting. I dont know if there is games like this other then earthbound but its the only one I know of. Its just earthbound is still fresh even being over a decade old. Now the bad, I'm about 1/3 through this game, I will try keep this spoiler free by just saying im in the town of Threed, but anyway the one fault I can have over this game is that it has a really slow start at least I find that. The stuff that makes rpgs from good to great are plot turns, new powers, hard battles. Earthbound play the first little bit too safe, find the point of interest, do a boss battle, go to the next town rinse and repeat. At least in Threed they change this and I can start reliving the fond memories I have of this game.

Wanting to buy or find:

Jak and Daxter Pokemon Fire Red Red Dead Redemption Thats all gamers but I will leave you with this for now.

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