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Sabotage mode in the Call of Duty series is the best Rugby game ever made.

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Her twitter location says Paris FWIW. That obviously means she's setting up a GBEuro bureau.

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This is a really weird topic topic. He's gay and he's a really interesting character. Cool. I can't see how anyone can be perturbed by that.

Is it because I'm not American and so I live in a country where gay people have equal enough rights that it isn't a politically-charged issue that I find it strange? I don't know. Odd.

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@vamino: cara ellison is scottish though. We swear even more than Australians do. The four letter word which makes all Americans shut down in horror is a term of endearment here.

Don't sweat it too much, OP, a lot of people with lots of followers seem to act a bit shittily on twitter almost as a defence mechanism as far as I can tell.

I got blocked by John Cusack.

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How come the board has seemingly seen animation which clearly doesn't exist? Not to mention the stupidity of taking the 'scene' (which is about three frames of animation) out of the context which is immediately provided.

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Big Rigs kill screen coming up.

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I found Hard an enjoyable and fair challenge until a certain boss about halfway through the main story, where the combat system and balance just completely fell apart through unfair game design. So I had to knock it down to Normal. Hard is more engaging but not really super-rewarding. On the downside you are wrestling with the terrible tactical view on the bigger fights on hard, fuck that.

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I have the 360 version. It seems to me to be less buggy than the other platforms apparently are actually, although I did briefly have some texture loading issues, which some people seem to get worse than others. Visually it's a mixed bag, the interiors mostly look quite nice actually but some of the exteriors look very spartan and have been very cruelly pared back if you compare to the 'proper versions'. Emerald Graves has so little foliage... Some character models have really low quality textures (even supporting characters Leliana and Cullen look really crummy). It isn't enough to spoil the game because the art direction survives, but it is definitely detrimental. The 360 just isn't up to running this engine properly.

It's a good experience though and most importantly it runs smoothly (except in certain bigger battles). Personally I would rather that than a good-looking port with a sub 20 fps framerate. One thing, it's a two discer where disc 1 is a mandatory install but you can't install the 'play disc' using the system installs, so the disc is always spinning. Annoying if you have an old noisy 360.

The content is identical.

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It's a bit annoying that this story seems to have gone away because the games are back in most countries. Still conspicuously absent in the UK (where this happened initially). And they're still charging $80 for them.

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Question: Was any of the YouTuber/Twitch games coverage attacked in GamerGate? Stuff like Yogscast with its targeted coverage, or Day9 covering Kingdoms of Amalur (not sure if that was paid). Wondering since I honestly haven't kept up with a lot of it, and I know some of the YTers do make direct profits from the developer for their coverage.

An issue came up recently over WB paying YTers to give good coverage of Shadow of Mordor. This seemed to be ignored by gamergate who carried on focusing on ZQ, AS et al. Coincidentally some high-profile YTers who were involved in this are at least partially sympathetic to 'gators I think.

All that said, I don't know how to feel about the way some of the more radical fringe of the 'gator's targets have been trying to demonise sites like this one and individual people for not being outspoken enough. Brianna Wu going onto worldwide media to 'name and shame' sites which hadn't written condemnatory articles, Leigh Alexander and Elizabeth Simins anger at Jeff's perceived equivocation. It makes me very uncomfortable to condemn people for being 'silent' or even just 'equivocating', because that gets into creepy thought-police territory. The 'you're explicitly with us in every way or you support the bad guys' mentality isn't healthy or constructive at all, in my view. I understand the desire and intent but in practice it might just make most people - the normal folk who aren't passionately discussing this on forums or twitter - throw their hands up in despair and ignore it. At this point we're into a pattern seen in all kinds of political and ideological clashes in humanity, though.

In any case, the hardcore 'gators won't be convinced by any statement no matter how outspoken or not, because they believe they're doing the right thing and by definition can't tolerate any kind of introspection into whether they are or not.