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VPN might not be needed for BBC's f1 highlights, there are DNS-based services which those of us in the UK use to access American Netflix, such as unblock us, which work the other way too.

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The controls were inexplicably awful. So slow to turn side to side.

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It's a very bad game. Boring story, boring setting, extremely tedious gameplay full of MMO-esque fetch quests. Don't look at the price, just think of all the better things you could be doing with your life than playing that game. You certainly will while you're playing it.

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Obviously it doesn't have much voice acting - that's extremely expensive. It's a kickstarted game and they didn't have the money for that.

I really like it thus far.

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You don't have a debit card? I don't know about Switzerland, but it would be pretty much impossible to live a normal life in the UK without a bank account with a debit card. Nobody needs a credit card, of course.

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It's not like there's much else to do with a PS4 at the moment anyway.

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For podcasts I recommend an app called Pocket Casts. Excellent UI, has all the featires you could possibly need including cloud syncing (and no bloat). No need to mess around with syncing to your PC etc. It is on Android and iOS and you can sync your 'cast subs across platforms.

For music - you could just copy your stuff on to your android device and then use PowerAmp (one of the best music players on there) to play it. But that's messy. I quite like Amazon's MP3 cloud locker service as an itunes replacement Google's is also good. Amazon's MP3 app allows you to download to the device and play the files with PowerAmp, Google's doesn't. I also found Amazon's PC software for uploading/matching your library to their cloud to be far superiour to Google's, which seems insane.

I have unlimited data though*, so I just got out of the habit of managing an 'offline' library, instead I just upload my stuff and stream it or download it if I will be without data for a while. It's a lot less elegant to upload to Google/Amazon on your wifi and then download again.

*Complete aside: I live in the UK, we seem to have much more competition in the mobile network market so plans are significantly cheaper here than they are in the US, including very affordable unlimited data. I have an HTC One which cost me about $40 up front, and I get (genuinely) unlimited data (including free LTE when it reaches my city) and loads of texts and minutes for $50 a month on Three. I just ran through their site and a similar deal in the US (with Sprint) costs in total around $250 up front and $110 a month, and as far as I can tell makes heavy use of throttling. So erm, basically you should all move over here.

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There are some real good mobile games, but there has yet to be one which is really great enough to justify owning the platform (whichever platform it is) solely for the games, in my view. I have owned devices on all three platforms and gaming on those devices is and always has been something I do as a very occasional aside, not as a main activity, despite trying and trying to get into it more. If you're really sure that you will play games enough to justify it then go for the iPhone but I don't think it should be a key criteria.

When it comes to Android or iPhone (or Windows) at this point it just comes down to whose services you prefer and if there is an individual phone with design or features that you really desire. Windows Phone has the best camera, Android the best screens and so on. I think iOS is still slightly more intuitive than stock Android but it's not a huge difference, and I prefer the greater flexibility of Android*. I have an HTC One and love it more than any device I have ever owned - HTC Sense is probably the only manufacturer variant of Android which actually improves it significantly (it incorporates quite a few features which are similar to the best things about Windows Phone). The screen is utterly awesome and the camera isn't amazing but is really quite good in low light (and as I live in Scotland half the year is 'low light' haha). Just don't get a bloody Samsung, crap phones.

*For example, you can plug a 360 controller into some Android devices and it just works. In practice, of course, I NEVER DO THIS because that is insane.

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Screen protectors are worse than pointless. They're softer than the screens they're used to 'protect'. Anything which would damage the screen will damage it with or without the protector, but with a protector on you'll get marks and scratches on the protector which wouldn't have appeared on the screen.

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It's the opposite, they probably have very good ears. There are certain frequencies which only young people can hear :(.