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@cale: In the UK you can only drive automatics if you pass your test in one. Pass in manual and you are ok in whatever.

I've only ever driven automatics a half dozen times amd have never felt safe doing it. I need a clutch.

Were all six times during incredibly adverse weather conditions, or recklessly high speeds? I'm not aware of other situations where the differences between automatic and manual are particularly relevant to your safety.

Engine braking is one such circumstance where you are certainly 'safer' with a manual, everything else being equal. At least in Scotland, where everything is so hilly that it's one of the first things you get taught, but I gather that isn't the case everywjere. You can't really do it with an automatic, obviously. Going up steep hills is also a bit easier to do safely as well.

I assume Americans mostly drive automatics because they have two types of road - long, empty straight roads that go on for 100s of miles, or choked-up inner-city traffic at 2mph. In both cases, manuals are a nuisance. In most cities in Europe (even the less 'progressive' UK) there is no need or desire to do much driving in city centres very often unless you are flamboyantly rich and like walking long distances from a parking space you had to kill someone for. Also our roads are the bendy, hilly pleasures Americans only see in video games.

I can happily drive both but an automatic is always less engaging and more frustrating. The automatic I drive most often has dangerously slow acceleration.

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Cheap, easy shorthand which players understand. It worked well within limitations of older hardware and games, but feels old-fashioned and overdone now, can break immersion, and should stop. I found it hard to suspend disbelief in Gone Home because the existence of the audio log-like narrative sections didn't really make much sense.

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Nuclear Throne. It's a bit like Binding of Isaac but, personally, I find it a lot more fun. By the Vlambeer guys!

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I assume they're re-encoding it or something to fix the audio problem.

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@mracoon: I've got to second Tone Control, it has been very good. Even a lot of Patricks interview dump trucks have more of a developer lean to them.

Idle thumbs get really deep into some of the more minor aspects of what makes games interesting. Although unless you really like those guys and their discussions it might sometimes sound a bit pretentious.

Idle Thumbs can swing wildly between absurd hilarity, interesting deep analysis of game design, and occasionally tedios navel gazing. It seems to depend greatly on what they're playing. They have been on good form lately, though.

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It's $40 in the UK. Indefensible price and the gaming Stockholm Syndrome on show with people defending it ("if you play it through 4 times it is 5 hours long, amazing value") is quite bizarre and depressing.

If this is a success, EA, Ubisoft, Activision will all decide to do the same thing.

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VPN might not be needed for BBC's f1 highlights, there are DNS-based services which those of us in the UK use to access American Netflix, such as unblock us, which work the other way too.

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The controls were inexplicably awful. So slow to turn side to side.

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It's a very bad game. Boring story, boring setting, extremely tedious gameplay full of MMO-esque fetch quests. Don't look at the price, just think of all the better things you could be doing with your life than playing that game. You certainly will while you're playing it.

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Obviously it doesn't have much voice acting - that's extremely expensive. It's a kickstarted game and they didn't have the money for that.

I really like it thus far.