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@yummylee: yep. The RRP appears to be €70 judging by Amazon France. That's almost £50 or US$80. For the standard edition, btw. The Eurozone is a massive rip off for game prices.

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Crusader Kings 2 (and I am pretty sure Europa Universalis IV).

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Quatermass. You could do a really entertaining sci-fi/fantasy version of Sherlock with that. Set it in a dystopian alternate present day where the mid-20th-century sci-fi stuff is treated as if it were real and you could have something great.

Keep the tone oppressive and scary so as not to just replicate modern Dr Who.

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Sabotage mode in the Call of Duty series is the best Rugby game ever made.

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Her twitter location says Paris FWIW. That obviously means she's setting up a GBEuro bureau.

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This is a really weird topic topic. He's gay and he's a really interesting character. Cool. I can't see how anyone can be perturbed by that.

Is it because I'm not American and so I live in a country where gay people have equal enough rights that it isn't a politically-charged issue that I find it strange? I don't know. Odd.

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@vamino: cara ellison is scottish though. We swear even more than Australians do. The four letter word which makes all Americans shut down in horror is a term of endearment here.

Don't sweat it too much, OP, a lot of people with lots of followers seem to act a bit shittily on twitter almost as a defence mechanism as far as I can tell.

I got blocked by John Cusack.

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How come the board has seemingly seen animation which clearly doesn't exist? Not to mention the stupidity of taking the 'scene' (which is about three frames of animation) out of the context which is immediately provided.

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Big Rigs kill screen coming up.

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I found Hard an enjoyable and fair challenge until a certain boss about halfway through the main story, where the combat system and balance just completely fell apart through unfair game design. So I had to knock it down to Normal. Hard is more engaging but not really super-rewarding. On the downside you are wrestling with the terrible tactical view on the bigger fights on hard, fuck that.