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Seems they were robbed. Dammit. Jeff in chat just said

The majority of our equipment has been removed from our shooting space and we are looking into our options there.

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Gamespot stream brought up a good point. Why is $500 - $600 ipad acceptable yet a console at the same price point offering more functionality is not?

Many, many people can't afford ipads either and they are obscenely overpriced. Ipads have many more uses, and are competing with PCs rather than consoles. Apple can charge more as they have millions of idiotic rich fans. Ipads are better value, really.

Anyway consoles have traditionally been for the common man, somewhat, they've not been the preserve of rich people. This console will be, at least in the UK and Europe. They're aiming this at AV fans rather than gamers, it seems.

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It's a little less clear cut in games, where plot doesn't always matter and/or doesn't always carry over between sequels. Every Mario platformer basically has the same plot and slightly different gameplay, it doesn't mean they're reboots or reimaginings.

In films it's generally clearer that a 'reboot' is going back to the start and throwing out all the establish story.

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Really nobody is 'evil incarnate' in this, that suggests you just don't get it. Tywin is just ruthlessly pragmatic in protecting his family's position and his legacy. Even if that means really screwing up his own kids. Not evil. Cersei is a complicated psychological mess, envious and somewhat bitter and frustrated about the lot she is forced to accept as a woman. Not evil. They're all really interesting characters.

I "get it" just fine. But what about Joffrey? Justify his actions too.

He's a inbred psychopathic fucker. Not evil though :D

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Really nobody is 'evil incarnate' in this, that suggests you just don't get it. Tywin is just ruthlessly pragmatic in protecting his family's position and his legacy. Even if that means really screwing up his own kids. Not evil. Cersei is a complicated psychological mess, envious and somewhat bitter and frustrated about the lot she is forced to accept as a woman. Not evil. They're all really interesting characters.

I don't even think they're really the main villains. I've not read the books, but I man, they're all being played by Littlefinger/Mayor Carcetti, aren't they? So far anyway.

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Yeah Fuse has had no marketing whatsoever in the UK, you would only know about it over here if you're the kind of video game fan who reads American websites like this one. And guess what, all of those people know about the focus crap rubbish. Also, if you've never heard of it and walk into a branch of Game to see if anything new is out, the box doesn't really scream 'quality product'. It's still quite amazing to only come 37th in a week when gaming sales are about as low as you can ever expect (rare sunny weather into the bargain).

I do think the market for the big budget style of video game in general is getting smaller (at least at the £40-£45 release price), so many of these games are released to miserable sales.

Finally, Pachter said this would sell 5m copies. HA!

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Blockbuster UK was separate from the now dead (?) US chain for many, many years. About eight years ago they basically focused on selling rather than renting, and for a while owned the second biggest games retailer in the UK. They went bust earlier in the year but some remnants of the chain are still around it seems. Looking on the website, they have one branch in my city, Glasgow, and two more in commuter towns well outside the city. (Glasgow isn't an enormous city, but is the biggest city in Scotland, and its greater conurbation has around 1.75m people).

Which makes it kind of weird that the pre-orders were 'record breaking', since they have so few shops left. Maybe on a per-shop ratio basis or something.

I'm not sure where else would be doing console pre-orders just now, mind you. Obviously Amazon et al will be doing them,* GAME obviously (our equivalent of Gamestop), the odd indie shop, probably HMV and maybe Tesco (our equivalent of Wal-Mart, though actually a rival to the Wal-Mart-owned-chain). Maybe all the mentals who want to pre-order a console and don't have the internet had to go to Blockies?

*I have noticed that Americans seem to buy games and consoles from Amazon and other internet retailers far less than we do in the UK. Presumably because your country is so vast, delivery takes a lot longer so you don't get them on release day?

And here, you can preorder you Xbone now with UK Blockbuster :D

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Don't play as a King to start with (and certainly not a Muslim ruler, they are 'advanced mode'), far too much going on to get your head around, especially with the Iberian peninsula where you are getting your shit pushed in by all those Muslim dynasties. So assuming you're not starting in 867 with The Old Gods, a really nice 'self-tutorial' game is to play as one of the small Irish dukes. You have a small number of vassals, no liege, don't have to worry about invasion for a while, can play at your own pace, and can learn how to use titles, casus bellis, claims etc in order to expand your realm. As you get more land and more vassals it gets more complex, until you can try to form the Kingdom of Ireland. Then you learn about all the extra complexity of being a King. Note that this doesn't apply if you're using the 867 start date, where it is one of the hardest possible starts, since Ireland is a technological backwater and loads of Vikings will come, raid and pillage your lands, kidnap your women, wreck your shit with impunity, hear your lamentations and conquer the island in short order.

After that I had a great time playing in southern Italy as a second game until I formed the Kingdom of Sicily and made my dynasty one of the most powerful in Europe, but I think that has got more difficult since then with various changes to the game.

As for specific questions:

1. many reasons. If you are a King, you might create a duchy to hand out to a son or dynasty member. Delegation is important - you don't want to be ruling a kingdom with 40 direct vassals - so it's a good idea to create duchies if you can, and hand them out to family or trusted courtiers. All the counties under those dukes will be vassals of your vassal dukes, meaning you have less to deal with. Of course, you don't want to create overly-powerful dukes who could overthrow you!

Another very important use of such a title is to get claims. Let's say you control two counties, and a neighbouring county is in someone else' hands (especially if it is a different realm from your own). If you create the duchy title for those counties, you get de jure claims on the counties you don't control. This means you have a casus belli, and can declare war to win the holdings. It ends up being more complex, of course - if I have an annoying vassal I might give him an unimportant duchy so that he becomes independent and leaves me alone for a while, for example.

2. Depends - some characters are in hopeless situations at the start of the game. In most cases surrendering isn't too bad, but hey, you should learn to love losing in this game! Whether allies will join in depends heavily on what people think of you, and the person you're fighting, and a bunch of other things. Don't get too reliant on allies, most of the time they'll be fleeting alliances that last as long as a marriage between your dynasties.

3. Hand out titles, see above about delegating. I try to keep my holdings one below my demesne limit to allow some flexibility. To make up for the loss, try to increase vassal taxes/levies. Of course, if you have too few holdings in a large realm you will be very weak and vulnerable in civil wars.

This wiki has some decent guides but as you will discover, much of the fun in CK2 is in losing spectacularly and entertainingly. As this site succinctly describes.

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This is exactly what I've been looking for! Most of the corps recruiting new people seem to have an application process which is more torturous and arduous than applying for a real job :D

I'm not quite ready to join the corp and be anything but useless, but once I have a slightly better grip on the basics I will apply.

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Alright, I've never posted in here before, but I finally have a game that's been bugging me. I'm going crazy here, so please help save my sanity. Here's what little I know:

  1. It was a PC game.
  2. Likely a mid to late '90s release, as that's when I would have played it.
  3. It was an FPS.
  4. I believe it had polygonal graphics. I definitely remember it looking more advanced than, say, Doom.
  5. Instead of guns, you had other things, such as, I believe, water balloons.
  6. I seem to recall quite a bit of toilet humor and general grossness.
  7. There maaaay have been some stealth elements.
  8. I think there was a big duck or bird running around that would shoot you.

For the love of god, someone know what I'm talking about. Honestly, I may have dreamed this nightmarishly crazy sounding game.

Sounds a bit like the South Park FPS.