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Wait, how come we're getting Bravely Default in the UK at the same time as Japan, but the US doesn't until Feb?

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Fish probably needs some medical advice, he strikes me as having some kind of mental illness that isn't being treated. As someone who has gone through that... it's still hard to sympathise with him. He boasts about his life and his relative wealth, belittles people who aren't as well known as he is, then complains about people being nasty to him.

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Usually at least one or two a day if I'm going into the city centre (Glasgow, in Scotland). Don't know why, but Glasgow seems to be the Japan of Europe when it comes to the 3DS.

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His Ghosts of the Ostfront series is superb, as is the one about Rome. He usually takes a few months between podcasts, but considering he's basically doing fantastic mini-audiobooks every time, it is understandable.

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The bit where they are being chased through 'Glasgow' and its all palm trees and shit because they filmed it in South Africa.

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3DS would be a nice fit too, would be a big hit on the eshop.

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Seems they were robbed. Dammit. Jeff in chat just said

The majority of our equipment has been removed from our shooting space and we are looking into our options there.

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@renegadedoppelganger said:

Gamespot stream brought up a good point. Why is $500 - $600 ipad acceptable yet a console at the same price point offering more functionality is not?

Many, many people can't afford ipads either and they are obscenely overpriced. Ipads have many more uses, and are competing with PCs rather than consoles. Apple can charge more as they have millions of idiotic rich fans. Ipads are better value, really.

Anyway consoles have traditionally been for the common man, somewhat, they've not been the preserve of rich people. This console will be, at least in the UK and Europe. They're aiming this at AV fans rather than gamers, it seems.

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It's a little less clear cut in games, where plot doesn't always matter and/or doesn't always carry over between sequels. Every Mario platformer basically has the same plot and slightly different gameplay, it doesn't mean they're reboots or reimaginings.

In films it's generally clearer that a 'reboot' is going back to the start and throwing out all the establish story.

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Really nobody is 'evil incarnate' in this, that suggests you just don't get it. Tywin is just ruthlessly pragmatic in protecting his family's position and his legacy. Even if that means really screwing up his own kids. Not evil. Cersei is a complicated psychological mess, envious and somewhat bitter and frustrated about the lot she is forced to accept as a woman. Not evil. They're all really interesting characters.

I "get it" just fine. But what about Joffrey? Justify his actions too.

He's a inbred psychopathic fucker. Not evil though :D