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Two Tribes Publishing B.V. is more or less the same thing as Two Tribes B.V.

a few months ago, Two Tribes essentially "rebooted" their studio and are now simply "Two Tribes" but I don't think we need two pages for the same thing with almost the exact same name. I propose simply renaming the Two Tribes B.V. page to Two Tribes, like we do with other companies that undergo changes/mergers and delete the publishing page.

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rename: Super Smash Bros. -> Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS

it's dumb but those are the game titles and as far as I know, we handle those dual-release game pages that way, right? I already proposed separate pages earlier since both games have different content and modes but nobody was up for it due to both being marketed together.

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I'm thinking about a concept page for games where you can move a mouse-like cursor around freely, but the game cannot be played with a mouse (or is not designed to be). You usually see this in menus, a recent example being the Destiny beta.

Just to make sure this is a good idea and the page won't be deleted, what do you all think about it? And is there a better name than "Cursor on a Console"?

how does this work with Wii and Kinect games where you're controlling a cursor in the same way but via motion controls. Do all of these apply?

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rename: Famicom Remix 1+2 -> NES Remix Pack

was just announced at SDCC for US release under that name. keep old name as alias.

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I was thinking more along the lines of hacking GameCube controller support into WiiU games. The most difficult part I can imagine would be hacking the games to accept USB controller support. After that, it would just be a simple act of telling the game which inputs to accept. (I imagine.)

I think that day is still very very far away. The one hack that exists right now isn't even widely accessible at the moment since the hackers don't want to enable piracy & cheating and just use it themselves to make custom MK8 tracks/settings.

Ask again in a year or two maybe. I just don't see it happening or even why it would need to be there. Especially since you'd need to be able to remap buttons in many games.

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You think the fan community will take that over, then? Or has Wii U modding not reached the level that Wii modding has been at for some time?

Of course not. The thing is barely 1.5 years old! The only thing that was managed so far was the ability to hack games. The only thing I see happening is Wii Mode getting homebrew support for the adapter but then why not just buy the regular old Wiimote+USB adapters that are already a thing.

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@aidros said:

I realize it's not released yet, but do you guys think there's any chance the GCN controllers could work for other games on the Wii U (Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta, etc)?

Also, if the console is put in Wii mode, would the GCN controller theoretically work for Wii games (Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, etc)?

Both are very unlikely. Especially support for games that already came out before the adapter. They won't go back in to patch in support. This is entirely a thing for the hardcore Smash players since it doubles as their version of an arcade stick for that game with it being wired and thus having no latency as well as a familiar and ideal layout for that one game.

Similarly, Wii Mode won't benefit from it either since Wii Mode doesn't know what anything is that isn't a Wii-peripheral and since the adapter connects via USB ports, there's no chance of tricking the Wii into thinking it's talking to the GCN ports on the original Wii. Unless they of course issue a firmware update to address this which would ultimately be a waste of resources since that has very limited appeal for a super niche audience.

Don't expect anything more out of this than a nice gesture for hardcore Smash players.

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It baffles me how in every thread/comment section about this people lose their marbles over the glitch vs no glitch thing. Guys, why are you getting so irrationally angry? There are various speedrun categories for games. This happens to be a glitched any% run. It was executed almost flawlessly and produced a new world record time for finishing the game. That's a cool thing and that's all. Leave the torches and pitchforks for other issues.

@probablytuna said:

I wonder if there's a particular reason for playing the Chinese version of the game? I've heard how the Japanese version of Ocarina is preferred over the US version by speedrunners because it has fewer frames or something but I've never seen a Chinese version before.

The Chinese version is on a piece of (somewhat official, don't worry) hardware called the iQue. OoT on iQue doesn't have as many frame drops during the scene where Ganon's messed up version of Hyrule Castle crashes at the end, I believe? That might be wrong, but it saves frames somewhere. Maybe in the text.

I wonder if we're going to have to change the Kotaku joke to Giant Bomb now...

Yea the Chinese text is even faster than the Japanese text.