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Can this please be addressed? This is such a simple thing and I get the feeling it causes people to go to the wiki pages and "fix" a release date of game that came out before the US release elsewhere and change it to the US date because they think this is what it's supposed to be. I've had to deal with this again twice in the last week alone.

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@fiye: Done. In the future, try to link to the gallery page rather than directly to the image. It's helpful in cases where there's a lot of images for us to be able to see the uploaded date to know how far down the page to look.

speaking of which, how has it been this long and there's still not "back to gallery" button on that gallery view page?

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Kaeru no tame ni Kane wa Naru -> alias: The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls

it's an official translation used in Sakurai's announcement of the Sablé Prince assist trophy for Smash 4.

does that warrant a rename since it's official but the game wasn't released in English?

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@def said:

I looked at the page again. It's such a mess with all the "Wii U version this, 3DS version that."

I can see no rational reasoning behind keeping them combined. Usability would be much improved by having unique pages for each. Lead with the version specific content, duplicate the character roster and have a detailed description of the modes available in both games on one page and just list them on the other while referring to the detailed descriptions on the original page.

I've put a lot of work into organizing that page as information has been revealed and I take offense to your insinuation that it's a "mess" just because you don't like it covering two versions.

Sorry, did not mean to offend anyone. I should've worded that differently, I guess. My bad. What I mean is that I think a clean break between the two would simply be beneficial as opposed to scrolling back and forth to accumulate the knowledge about one specific version.

For releases with differing content consolidated into one page it's often quite easy to just spend a paragraph discussing the differences but when covers as much ground as it does here it seems cumbersome to me. That has nothing to do with how you did your best to present it for easy consumption and just means the information itself doesn't lend itself well to be covered on a single page.