The Bad Parts of Shadow Complex...

Well, I've been on Giantbomb for a pretty long time now without an account, and now that I've got one, I figure I might as well start posting my opinions on stuff here. I've never had a blog, so this might be interesting.  
Now, I'm going to keep in mind that this game IS only a downloadable game and should be judged as such, but I'm not saying that Shadow Complex is bad in anyway to begin with. It's fully worth your 15 bucks and everyone who loves games should truly have a great time with it. However, while all the great parts of Shadow Complex are mentioned by everyone, I thought it would be useful to say some not so greatly designed parts.  

Jason Flemming, armed with 8,000,000 grenades. 
Jason Flemming, armed with 8,000,000 grenades. 
First, is the upgrades you recieve through the game. While the sheer amount of upgrades and collectibles through the game is great, I thought the actual upgrades THEMSELVES could have been more creatively done. Sure, Armor Upgrades, Health Upgrades and the Passkeys (which lead to the Fusion Helmet) are good ideas for character upgrades, and are all very much necessary. However, I felt I truly didn't need 70 grenades to roll around with, especially when i had 70 missiles rolling around with me too, and a save room behind me that intantly refills them. In short, all of the weapon packs were useless, and apart from the armor, health, and passkeys, I felt my only motivation for getting the upgrades was to get achievments. Also, If I was restriced to my amount of missiles and grenades, I might also be motivated enough to be more tactical in combat. The boss fights could actually have strategy, instead of just  being a missile spam-fest. I could probably think of more creative upgrades. Howbout, instead of more grenades, we can make the impact of the granades bigger? You could do the same with missiles, maybe make the foam gun last longrt, the hookshot longer, ect.  
I understand that while looking through the map for upgrades, having a lot of missiles to whipe out the competition is necessary, so then we could have a rare unlimited weapons upgrade near the end of the game to help out with that.    

Also, the gold bars are a cool idea, but i hated that the weapons carried over through playthroughs. If I wanted to replay the game completely like the first time, I would have to pick up the pistol in the armory, then when i got a new weapon in the storyline, I would have to wait to get back to the armory so i could pick up the gold version, since the game would assume i wanted the pistol the whole time and wouldnt switch to the new weapon. Would it be so hard to be able to choose between the two, or even have all the gold weapons to swap through at any time?  
I also didn't like the way the map opened up at level 20. It took all the exploration out after the first playthrough. 
Besides that though, I really enjoyed Shadow Complex. 
Also, I would like some DLC that includes more levels like in the Proven Grounds. Those were a lot of fun.