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im forcing.

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Relationship of Command - At The Drive-In  
In/Casino/Out - At The Drive-In 
Menos El Oso - Minus the Bear
Deloused in The Comatorium - The Mars Volta  
Frances The Mute - The Mars Volta
Waiter! You Vultures - Portugal. The Man 
Censored Colors - Portugal. The Man 
Aenima - Tool 
Lateralus - Tool  
and tons of others

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I was part of the generation that had the huge pre-teen Nirvana fase and i must say Kurt was a hero to almost all of my friends. He was a big influence on us. While I'm not as outraged as some people, I think I'm about as dissapointed as Dave and Krist. It's just a dissapointment that Activision would be so insensitive. Anyone who listnened to even one interview of Kurt or one of his albums would know he probably wouldn't even approve of being in the game in the first place. We don't know whether or not he would approve in reality, but why not play it safe. Why make so many people angry just for a little pointless functionality in the FIFTH guitar hero game?

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I'm only 16 so I never got to play Chrono Trigger on an SNES. The battle system was just too frustrating to manage quickly on an emulator so i kind of gave up. Although abig part of that might be that I had gotten Bioshock in the middle of playing that game, so maybe ill go back later.

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I like how the OP kind of insulted his own post by putting this in Off-Topic.

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Hahahaha. There was actually one time where I backtracked to the Jeep at that moment before I knew about this and didn't press B. I wish the game gave you a sort of notification to press B but still funny nonetheless.

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@Pie: Well, simply put. Someone over the internet nicely asked the internet strangers for help. It is the natural response from the wild internet strangers to respond with overwhelming sarcarsm/no help at all. 
To expect anything less would to to expect a wild bear not to attack you after punching it in the face. It simply won't happen.
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@brainboy77: Okay. My rebuttle to all your points are that the game is $15 , and expecting more in Shadow Complex than what you get is being greedy and not keeping the developer's intentions in mind. The graphics are good for a $15 game, the game HAS a story and an ending which is more than most $15 games can say, and the gameplay is classic, ESPECIALLY for a $15 game (at least IMO)
Also, I never said the game was bad in the blog, "dipshit". I said I loved the game but these problems are things that could have been fixed and it probably would have gotten away with selling for $20 if the developers wished. But considering it's $15, which you STILL don't seem to realize, i expect nothing more than what I got. 
Those are your reasons, "asshole".
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@brainboy77: Also, all your points on why the game is bad suck anyway. I hate people who give opinons on a $15 game like its 4 times that.  
I have a feeling your just saying things to get a reaction to say things so stupid. To which I say go do that on a website that truly deserves it.
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@MiamiRedHawks: YESSS! I love ATDI and Mars Volta! 
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