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When i closed the chat (Alt+1)... after a few minutes chat seemed to disconnect (not too much of an issue)....

But... then no new polls showed up (I only knew a new poll was launched because i saw Alexis do it on the stream)

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Xbox exclusivity length obviously varies.... but for XBLA titles, it is only normally 1 month

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Not a great interview, and i'm sure @patrickklepek knows it... the guy didn't answer anything and was just switched permanently to "damage limitation" mode.... which again, i'm sure Patrick would have been aware of, going in.

Personally i don't feel as though this is a great day for the internet hive mind... they haven't achieved anything here accept destroy what was looking to be a very interesting approach by Microsoft to actually move the console gaming structure forward.

Gamers need to wake up and realise the conversation about DRM is not over, and won't be until the publishers are happy they are seeing full value from their investments.

This "forced" U-Turn might actually have done more harm than good, because 8 years from now when this all gets raised again, we could be in a situation where (like Steam) it's one game per customer with no family sharing, no chance of license transfers, no chance of license selling back to the publisher.... because.. hey.... who's gonna try that approach ever again?

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Call me a conspiracy theorist (or more likely paranoid)...

but Tweeting clearly identifiable pictures of your base location, then disappearing out all day on a publicly available schedule, leaving said location empty.... seemed like a very bad idea to me at the time!

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Was watching TNT on two monitors - managed to screen grab this at the end!

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The saddest part about the whole Radical Fishing Clone story is that Ninja Fishing is just a much better game in every way

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Have you looked in your outbox... and have you tried emptying it?

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Duders... I don't think it's your inbox... it's your outbox !

Said i had 4 unread messages... I looked in my outbox and there was 4 messages in bold... i clicked one and the count went down to 3

Deleted my entire outbox and now i have 0 unread

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The way i see this is... it only happens when they have two games which could be quite dull to watch for 2 hours continuously. As was the case last night.

I had no interest in watching 2 hours of girls punching each other in the tits... likewise... didn't really need to watch hours of guys floundering around trying to solve puzzles... The dual format allowed Vinny to switch back n forth to keep things entertaining.

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You do know that if this glitch happens, you can just switch off your consoles and reload from last save ... right?

It's not a major issue if you're sensible