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@TheGorilla: Oh damn, I thought I was the only one who thought so.

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I played it online in one sitting, but didn't realize the people I met in the game were humans until looking the game up online afterwards and being bombarbed by overwhelming positive reviews, especially regarding that aspect. I mostly stuck by my partner in the game for the jump juice. I thought it was a CPU showing me the critical path through the game, since I had to break away from it to grab the the collectible relics.

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It's hard to find even a "This game sucks, it has no headshots" type comment on the internet about this game. Universal, gushing praise everywhere. I've never seen anything like the reaction to this game. I lovedFlower, but didn't understand this one. Everyone else seems to have had some deep, emotional, transcendent experience with this game that I completely whiffed on. I thought this game had some nice visuals at time and great music, but was overall fairly boring to sit through. It's as if Passage went on for 2 hours. Both games consist mostly of moving your character slowly in one direction, but Passage gets the point across in 5 minutes while Journey takes much longer. Am I really the only one who didn't "get it"?

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Flight sim forums are butthurt about the small scale and lack of focus on simulation. Casual gamers haven't even heard about this game. It looks like Pilotwings/Wii Sports Resort taken into the real world, a game I guess there isn't a market for. Exploring Wuhu Island and collecting all the white balloons in Wii Sports Resort was one of the most memorable moments of this entire generation. I can't wait to dump a bunch of money into DLC before this is inevitably canned by Microsoft.

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Ah, thanks! I thought that field was filled in based on the releases.

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I'm not sure if there is a reason for this, but I couldn't find this issue with any other game. The "Reviews" tab isn't showing up in the sidebar for Entropia Universe. I've added a few pictures, a description, and a release to see if that was the problem but still nothing. I was able to write a review by appending "/user-reviews/" to the URL and wrote a review.

Even the most obscure games like The Complete Universal Military Simulator seem to have a review tab, is there any reason Entropia doesn't?

I'm on Chrome 16, OS X 10.6 if you think that matters.

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Limbo up top twice, cmon guys the year wasn't that bad.

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I want Monkey Island + Grim Fandango. 
I'll get Brutal Legend + Deathspank.  I don't really like anything these guys have been involved with lately.

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New characters isn't what I need from a sequel to PvZ, if it needs a sequel at all!

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@Diamond said:
" @SuperfluousMoniker said:
Dude, Aladdin on the Genesis was terrible. The SNES version was half decent though.
What?  That was the best version! "
Haven't played the SNES one, but the Genesis one was great.  None of this habberdash!