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Cool. Who gives a crap.

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jesterroyal is spy

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@milkman: Reigns Bryan and Reigns Brock are up there for me.

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@welding said:

@spoonman671: Should note that in the books Theon is presumed killed and returns a whole book later as Reek, and it's pretty great.

Was really bummed out the way the show handled that whole arc, taking away any suspense or surprise at his 'rebirth'.

Except you already knew how the books handled it. There is no suspense or surprise for you.

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@defaultprophet: It wouldn't have been any better if he hadn't been there, that was just the icing on a particularly shitty cake. And all that may well be the intention of him being there, but it came across as focusing on the horror of a passive observer instead of the woman being assaulted.

And I have no thoughts about the books because I haven't read them and I couldn't give a shit less. I watched the show and thats what I took issue with. Saying "well is could have been worse" is irrelevant.

It's not when that's one of the major complaints about it, I did not know your book status but I've heard that argument that it's worse than the books because it's Sansa enough that I took a shot.

Well the way I viewed the scene is how I explained it. That's not with the benefit for a producer interview or anything else, just in the moment that's what it conveyed to me. So it may not have been effective to you, but it wasn't universally ineffective.

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@immortal_guy said:

Might be interesting to know how other countries news covered it. Speaking as an extreme outsider who's only seen BBC news coverage of this event (as well as reading this blog), I'm glad to say that none of those anti-police sentiments made it into mainline British news reporting (as far as I know).

Interstingly, there is a feature the BBC website does called "BBC trending" which reports on social media chatter (for reasons I can't understand - social media chatter seems to be the worst place to turn if you want informed opinions). There is a story there talking about "some civil rights activists" comparing the situation in Waco to that in Ferguson. It doesn't pass any judgement on the tweets, just reports them - though it doesn't mention any social media users who disagree (unusual for the BBC, which is normally very much about balance and bending-over-backwards to show both sides of an argument).

But yeah - as @jakob187 pointed out, criticism almost complaining that the policing wasn't brutal doesn't seem to make any sense at all. Also, I would assume riot police watching a large protest will be using very different "tactics", for want of a better word, to firearms police being called to a gunfight. Are the situations really that comparable?

You got it backwards. People aren't complaining the police weren't brutal. They're complaining that cops can handle this situation when it's majority white with care and reason while they can't do the same when the parties involved are black. That's not a criticism of the police force in Twin Peaks. It's a criticism of cops across the nation.

Like when people point out cases where white spree killers are taken into custody while armed with assault rifles while unarmed black men are killed because they're "scary". It's not about wanting the cops to kill the spree killer it's about wanting the cops to take the unarmed black men into custody without killing them.

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@ssully said:

It's pretty established at this point that Ramsey is a piece of trash.

Exactly. We know that Ramsey is a dick. We know that Theon is an absolutely broken man. We know that Sansa has been stripped of any agency she could have ever had. Why did the point need to be driven home again? Why is it a bad thing to hope for your expectations to be subverted? Why is it a bad thing to be a little annoyed that a rape scene wasn't considered to be shocking enough without a dude standing there, looking horrified, to drive the point home? Why shouldn't I expect more from the media I consume.

@ssully said:

I think it was used poorly.

That's not fair. Theon wasn't there to increase the shock value. He was also being tortured by Ramsay and they showed him to mirror the viewer's response as well as a way to not have to show Sansa being raped. Would you have less of a problem with the scene if it had focused on Ramsay and Sansa?

Or if it was fake!Arya like in the books a character that only exists to be sexually assaulted?

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So Haas wants a veteran driver yeah? Why not Pablo Montoya? Competed in F1 at a high level, competed in NASCAR so American fans know him, and now he's in Indy and is currently 1st. I dunno what his contract situation is like but that seems like a quality choice for an American F1 team.

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@brackstone said:

@defaultprophet: The problem I have is a potential one. They've been building Sansa to be a character that isn't just a victimized plot device, but after watching the preview of next episode, Sansa could easily go back to her old thing of just being sad all the time, and being a device to show the cruelty of the villains, only to be saved by asking more capable characters to help her. I'm not saying that will happen, but if it does, and it looks like it could, it'll be a complete regression of a character who was for once starting to actually become interesting in her own right.

So in and of itself, the scene isn't bad. People who are saying that Sansa letting it happen invalidates her character arc, or makes her weak, are wrong. What will be the deciding factor is what happens afterward. If all that scene exists for is to show (yet again) how messed up Ramsay is, and to do the tired old beat up on the Starks, and Sansa in particular, then it most definitely is a problem.

It also doesn't help that Sansa being in Winterfell, and Littlefinger's entire plan make no goddamn sense whatsoever, so the entire plot just feels cheaply thrown together from what I assume are scraps of different plots in the books.

I agree it could be terrible. Or she could cut Ramsay's throat Gone Girl style.

I want the latter.

Littlefinger's plan does make sense though. He wants more power. His plan if you piece it together from what he did, what he told Sansa, what he told Roose, and what he told Cersei is this:

Get permission to march the army of the Vale through the riverlands and into The North. Have the military power(Power is power) to influence the battle of Winterfell. I think he betrays Roose ala Manderly and allies the vale and The North under Sansa with Stannis.

This combined force goes South and he gains the power he right now has only in name only over the Riverlands. That's 3 kingdoms he controls and he's allied up with The Mannis. That's a damn fine place to be.

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This guy is on point with his reading of the Sansa scene and says all I care to say about it. One thing I'd like to emphasis though is that if it had been fake!Arya that would have been a character cast and created PURELY to get sexually assaulted. That is so so so much worse than what happened here. Not to mention all the stuff that happens to her that did not happen to Sansa that we probably would have seen because the creators care more about Sansa.

Also Baelish = Manderly. Large force of knights heading up to Winterfell to be buddies with Roose? Uhuuuuuuuuuh.