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@animasta: from the quotes about the decision it seems like they only asked recently if they could show it so doubt that it was a factor in the online thing

#2 Posted by DefaultProphet (554 posts) - the creators confirm it is a romantic relationship, also the Artie raises the point that if it was any straight relationship there wouldn't be a debate

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No 1989, not a valid list.

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I love Vivienne's character design but her politics are infuriating. She's like the clearest representation of privilege in a game and it's so annoying.

So my party was the original group of Solas, Varric, and Cassandra up until I got Blackwall. Blackwall's line in the first conversation to the question of "What can one grey warden do against an arch demon?" "Save the fucking world" was so so great. I really wanted Iron Bull in my party but because I had to restart my game to upload keep data so instead of my customary Human dagger Rogue I did a 2 handed warrior Qunari so he really had no place in my party and giving him a shield seemed super silly.

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I was about 8 hours in and restarted. You need to open the keep again and actually export the save you made

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Total Biscuit will win and that's a fucking travesty with how far he's gone of the deep end lately.

So......he's a games journalist then?

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@dreffen: TB qualifies as more of a professional than Jeff for the most part, doesn't mean you have to like him for it. Obviously Pewdiepie is the embodiment of the apocalypse.

In what world does he? This one?

No one should take Total Biscuit seriously. Or, really, any youtuber.

They do the EXACT same thing as GB does. They put out MST3K style videogame commentary. I know it's cool to hate on popular people, but get off your high horse. You're delusional if you think the GB guys are "better" than these guys just because they have a website. I like GB a lot, but your statements are asinine

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The cutscene hitching is pretty bad but whatever it's not game breaking.

I would really love some more tactics options though.

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Domino's overhauled theirs and now they're worth eating so......I dunno. I'd give it a shot maybe.

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Someone did this

Also Tested did it:

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Games have to be finalized so they can be put onto discs. The team working on the game doesn't stop at this point, they continue working on the game through release. The improvements they make are the day 1 patch that couldn't be on the disc because they were done before it was pressed.

So don't feel weird about it.