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Anyone saying 3 is better than Salvation hasn't watched 3 recently. It is hooooooot garbage. Salvation at least has cool idea if terrible execution. T2 is the best though. T2 > T1 > SCC > Salvation >>>>> T3

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@defaultprophet: Apparently, according to some people here, because of where he lived they in fact didn't come up before. The DMV is incredibly stupid and there's a good reason they usually come up when talking about why bureaucracy is frustrating.

Actually no, what's come up in this topic is that the owner holds the title in Minnesota so he should have it. And you need a registration like if a cop pulls you over and asks for license and registration...

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@make_me_mad: I think Dan Rykert's still in his late 20's and he's already mentioned before he didn't do a whole lot of driving since moving up to sf. Give the guy a break I still feel like an idiot sometimes when I have to deal with grown up things that have nothing to do with video games. It happens, you live and learn.

I remember doing my taxes for the first time without taking it to a tax agency was quite a thrill ride.

But he's owned a car for 16 years. These things have to have come up before.

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So I recently got a fight stick from work. It's one of these but somebody swapped out the buttons for Happ buttons and they feel real nice. Problem is I can't get it working on PC. Further I can't tell if that's because the drivers are weird or because the fightstick itself is busted in some way. Is there a good way to test if the fightstick is broken?

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This is a new character, they didn't just turn Thor, son of Odin, into a woman. Great quote from Jason Aaron: “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.”

More details at The Mary Sue

And she looks badass:

That design is pretty amazing. Like Seriously one of the coolest looking female superheros ever drawn.

Still has useless boob armour though, nothing says stab me directly in the middle of my chest like iron forged cleavage.

Sounds like a good place to have your thickest armor then.

Hello Batman's kevlar under his bat symbol,

Edit: Boob Armor is dumb. But your reasoning isn't why.

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I read that quick and thought it said Condemned: Blue Streak and got real excited for a second.

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Waking up. I don't drink coffee and it helps me to wake up and be relaxed for the rest of the day.

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The institutional norm will change when the institution is more diverse and everyone can see and do see on the daily that everyone can do the job. The way to get this to happen is to force a more diverse workplace so you don't /have/ to force it in the future.

Firstly, you are assuming those hired under a "quota" do do the job at the same level of competency. Secondly, subconscious racism has little to do with the race of the subject. All races are subconsciously racist so a black hiring manager doesn't make any more rational decisions than a white one.

A black hiring manager is more likely to hire a white applicant of equal qualification as a black applicant.

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Yes, I say "forcing" diversity (what ever that means) will create a more diverse world. Who would've thunk it?

Good Lord. This is it right here. This is the exact thing people have been claiming no one is arguing. But here it is, in all its fascist, illogical, and ignorant glory.

Apparently you don't understand that what's between a persons legs or color of their skin is radically different from what their life experiences and thoughts are. Diversity comes from opinions not a persons race or gender.

You really don't believe a woman or a minority male has a different life experience than you?


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Maybe we're chicken-or-egging it here, but I think as long as there's an imbalance of power and representation among groups of people, different races will always get different treatment, whether positive or negative, intentional or unintentional. We have to find a way to correct that imbalance first, and I think silence isn't the right way of handling that since silence is what propagated the issue in the first place.

Silence and willful ignorance are completely different things. Segregation and police sanctioned racial violence are not "silence", they are active ignorance. Also my "silence" includes attempting to overhaul hiring practices in order to remove the racial identity of applicants out of the entire application process. This would eradicate institutionalized racism and allow for organic diversity rather than artificial diversity

You can't get rid of the applicants' names.

Yeah you could. Applicant #1 for example...