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@do_the_manta_ray: A skilled horsemen has an extraordinary advantage over a lone combatant; particularly one without a spear or crossbow. Cavalry are generally considered to be worth about 10 or so infantry on the field, though the actual advantage given the terrain could certainly be much greater. The impetus of one's strikes on horseback makes the likelihood of survival for the person on foot minimal at best. 3 skilled horsemen are much more dangerous than 7 nondescript knife wielders who may not have any training whatsoever.

@defaultprophet: :I'm not talking about DW, just Romance of the Three Kingdoms which is one of the best books ever written (and perhaps the most influential aside from the Bible). Your commitment to being overly literal highlights a penchant for pedantry that indicates a lack of adaptive reasoning and awareness which would severely limit one's tactical capability due to lack of creativity. This is not a particularly uncommon trait to have for Americans but it is certainly easy to exploit. This is particularly amusing considering the largely theoretical content of the discussion.

Was the thesaurus you just ate tasty? =P

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@defaultprophet: We are talking about a fictional show you realize? Three Kingdoms is about 70% historical; which as history goes is more accurate than almost everything.

Yes we are but you are saying "Realistically he would have been able to kill all of them easily. Cause Dynasty Warriors(And yes I know they're actual historical people, i'm being humorous) fought dozens of guys at once and they are history's best fighters!"

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@do_the_manta_ray: You're making the assumption that the opponent is organized, surrounding you, and attacking in unison; none are the case, you have initiative and a hell of a lot of intimidation on your side; even fanatics are impacted by morale. Barriston could just have walked in the room and killed 2-3 guys in a few seconds, the rest would at least be taken aback both by his sudden appearance and that some of their buddies had just died. The best spearmen/swordsmen in history fought dozens at once (Zhao Zilong first and foremost, but also Lord Guan and even Alexander was a beast in personal combat) and even continued to fight for several hours. The two pilots in the downed Black Hawk in the Battle of Mogadishu held off over 50 people for several hours. There are numerous other historical examples of "one against many" and 7 is far from the upper limit.

In the same fucking episode Bronn kills 4-5 riders on horseback essentially single handed, on foot with a sword and throwing knife; this is virtually impossible in reality.

....Your examples are laughable and romanticized. And it was two Delta Force snipers that came down and defended the blackhawk. With guns.

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So the unsullied were out numbered, in close quarters with weapons not suited for it, and unable to fight in a phalanx because they were surrounded. It doesn't make them bad warriors, just completely out of the their element. That's the whole crux of the soldier/cop bit of this season.

That being said, I would bet that the sons of the harpy aren't just untrained rabble. I bet they're predominantly a mercenary force brought in by the masters.

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I'll write a review up in the morning but the basic idea is the movie has shitloads of "Mass Effect" style referential dialogue where they talk about something cool happening without actually showing it which can work in an RPG but sure as hell doesn't work in a movie. There's also just a ton of expository/character building scenes that never really build up to anything other than maybe Jeremy Renner being awesome because he's Jeremy Renner.

Man that Hawkeye exposition totally paid off with the look on his face when he saw the kid and knew he was going to have to go save him and also the speech to Scarlet Witch.

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@jaytow: No the Bella's suck, I could even agree that Naomi sucks. Paige, Natalya, Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley are all good enough to get more time on the main roster. But the WWE uses them for an eye candy bathroom break. And to paraphrase CM Punk, how can you expect them to get any better when you dont give them the chance to do so. Training and practice matches are good and all but its totally different when they have to do that shit infront of a crowd.

Nikki Bella does not suck

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@recspec said:

Might as well bump this because of the easy fatality DLC.

I personally don't think it's a big deal because it's an EA cheat code. Pay for easy access (You can also unlock everything in the Krypt for $20). I know why people are going to lock on this and decry it, and that's fine. But wouldn't this be less offensive than the costume DLC? Unlike costumes, there is nothing being taken away from you. If people want to buy it, then good for them. It's not even a competitive advantage.

There is a DLC skin for Sub Zero that helps fund a tournament prize pool (taking a page from Dota 2's Compendium). I think THAT idea should be universally praised. Between mobile game unlocks, season passes, consumable items, and ways to add money to prize pools, they are going all out with this. I hope later on they show exactly what sold and what didn't, I'd love to see those sales numbers.

You say you know why people are going to decry it...can you enlighten me? I just don't get it. It's so irrelevant to how everyone getting upset about it plays games...

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@sammo21 said:

@defaultprophet: 1. You've never seen me praise him because I haven't. 2. If anything he was Shao Khan. Only time I've seen him referred to Conan was in Max Landis' video...

1. Fair, I meant the royal you as in everyone digs other triple H entrances. 2. I disagree. That has is HEAVILY Conan the Barbarian.

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@sammo21 said:

@defaultprophet: Paramount Pictures is pleased. Does no one else not see Triple H looked like he was wearing really shitty DLC for a Terminator tie-in in Advanced Warfare?

That's BS. Not like H has aped Arnold's other movie's style every other time you praise him. He's being Conan, he can be Terminator too

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@sammo21 said:

Boy, listening to the "Extra" PowerBombcast that we got...shaking my head so hard at Giancarlo and Dan mark out for HHH (awful) entrance. Normally I'm heavily in the "everyone has an opinion!" camp...but that was categorically bad...also, no matter what they try to say it definitely WAS product placement for the new Terminator movie. There was a freaking clip of Arnold dressed up like he is in the new movie with (terrible looking) glowing red eyes!

Like Jeff said, being there live definitely skewed their opinion on terrible stuff. I've posted it before, but most of them talking about Wrestlemania felt like this:

Yeah I agree with this. That entrance was horrible and tacky.

Jeff was pretty much wrong about everything that he didn't agree with Dan about. And I wasn't there. HHH entrance was super rad