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Wait hold up. How is Sleeping Dogs a 12 hour game?

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Imagine if in the remake the added a new character named Tom who as white (as much as people don't like to think, the other characters are japanese). He's fat, lazy, and boorish. He can't work computers or machines and think's he better than everyone. He fights by using explosives and blowing everyone up at which point he celebrates with obnoxious "horse laughs", as the Japanese would say.

Would that not be offensive to you? It should be. There's a point at which people are just a little too dull to even realize they are being made fun of. There's a ton of anime and video games that basically tell white people that they are slow witted, uncultured and uncivilized, and they don't quite pick up on it. It's really kind of fascinating. A lot of white people see themselves as being the main characters and stuff in video games when those characters are really japans. Pay attention to when a character is expressly American, like Guile or Alex in street fighter. They are typically depicted as macho thugs.

If I come to a time in my life when I can't laugh at myself, I'm just going to walk into traffic. Don't be so fucking sensitive.

I demand Tom be included in the FF7 remake.

That's a real easy position to have when you have Dick the Space Marine super leader and Harry the Vampire Killer and a whole host of other positive examples as opposed to the majority being Tom.

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It's really strange how the same users will defend every social misstep brought up about a wide variety of games but the people raising those issues changes dramatically. Very strange

And by strange I mean completely expected and not at all surprising.

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I never played the original past like the brothel so yeah I'm definitely all about it

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Oh, I didn't mean via twitter, this was back in the 90s. My brother is a huge Rangers fan and that's how I got into hockey and I kinda started as a Rangers fan myself. TBH I don't even remember the name of the player that got traded to the Devils, but I grew to like the other players and so the Devils just became my team. Getting the day off of work to see them win the Stanley Cup in 03 is one of the defining moments of my tour in Okinawa.

90's Devil's player from the Rangers that got traded to the Devils? Hm. So I was trying to find that player and learned the super interesting factoid that the Devils and Rangers have never made a trade. Now I'm trying to think about Ranger free agents that were signed by the Devs

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@toisul: It was like a newspaper reading exercise thing. Winner got a trophy at the end of the year and it happened to be the year the Devils (my team) dominated and won.

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Have your 5th grade teacher be an obsessive hockey fan and have him assign every kid in your class a hockey team to follow over the season.

Well that's how I got my team anyway. =P

Seriously though the Oilers and Leafs are garbage nobody is going to think you're a front runner.

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@ezekiel said:
@wemibelec90 said:

@ezekiel: Controllers were made for the sole purpose of playing games; keyboard and mouse had to force game controls into something that didn't really suit it. You can certainly make the argument that KB/M is infinitely more useful for games where you need fine control or a lot of buttons, but there are plenty of games that simply don't need so many options at one's disposal. Plus, KB control has one major problem: a lack of analog control. This makes it better for a huge number of genres--platformers, racing games, stealth-based games--that is easily equal to those genres that benefit from a KB/M control scheme.

In other words, there will always be games that work better with one or the other, yet most of them could manage on the other with enough smart design. In the end, it comes down to personal preference (which for many people nowadays in the huge console market is a controller) and the intentions of the developer.

"keyboard and mouse had to force game controls into something that didn't really suit it"

How is that different from a controller? How do you know a PS4 or X1 controller is ideal for what a developer wants? Might the best answer for them not be a controller that doesn't exist, since almost every game is unique? Developers have to work with what's available. Keyboards and mice can suit most games just fine.

I'm not gonna refute the benefits of analog sticks, but WASD has benefits too. The fact that you control the character with three rested fingers instead of a thumb means the desired actions can be performed faster. The user doesn't have to deal with the variables of analog and they always know if they're moving exactly straight, unlike with the rounded rim of a stick. Have you ever watched someone unfamiliar with games try to use sticks? It's a painful sight. It's because thumbs aren't very dexterous. Most games don't require more than eight directions anyway. Often, moving the camera a bit is enough.

Have you ever seen a person try and use WASD for the first time? It's way worse. That is not an intuitive system.

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The only games better with a keyboard and mouse are FPS and RTS. (Almost, I'm sure I'm forgetting something) Everything else is better on a controller.

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I don't really play games without a podcast or tv show on anymore. Even story driven games like The Witcher is fine cause 90% of the time I'm just running around the wilderness killing dudes.