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Yeah, I found it to be quite good. Exploring that world through Clementine's eyes changed how I approached things, so it was a nice fresh take on that formula. It never quite hits as hard as season one, and the characters aren't as memorable, but I found the whole thing really enjoyable, and I look forward to a potential third season.

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Yeah, I noticed that string of tweets earlier. I respect Alex's openness with that stuff, and while I'm sure he knows he's appreciated, I'm glad to get a chance to throw my hat in on this reminder that we support him and appreciate the work that he does. Regardless of how hard it hits, anxiety bites a lot of people, and it's good that we can at least lean on each other and have a venting space when it's needed.

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What a delight. Congratulations, John, and thanks for everything that you've done for us here at Giant Bomb.

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@nnickers said:

My sister was over recently and while watching tv she switched to the cooking network. She was watching a show titled, I believe, Chopped, and in the background of one scene they were playing the garage music from Saints Row 3.

I'm pretty sure Drew or Vinny mentioned at some point that the Saints Row 3 garage music was from a royalty-free library, so it makes sense that it would pop up elsewhere.

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For my own contribution to the positivity train I'll shine a spotlight on ex-CBSi employee Ian Kelly. Seems like even after his departure from GB I keep seeing him pop up to help out with tech stuff just because he's a cool, helpful dude. The above tweets are a couple recent examples. One for the upcoming charity streams, and one helping Brad stitch together his videos of the Destiny raid.

@capum15: That's a pretty cute video. Fun little background song.

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Man, that stings. But hey, you go out there and keep being great, Alexis. If this is a good move for you, then it's a good thing overall. You were a huge force in making this website cool, and whatever company you're going to is lucky to have you. Best of luck out there! We'll always love you back here at Giant Bomb, and I hope you'll visit now and then.


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Dude, that's really phenomenal work. Great sneer on Dr. Tracksuit.

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I thought the season wrapped up pretty well. I think you're a bit harsh on Mike here. Mike came across to me as someone who was just too good to be true. He was always rational and kind, and even cracked some good-natured jokes. I think him warming up to Arvo made more sense than it did with anyone else. His concern for Kenny beating Arvo seemed plenty telegraphed, as he had previously looked pretty dejected when Arvo shouted at him when he offered the rum. Arvo had a reason to want to leave, but shooting me was ridiculously uncalled for. With Bonnie I should have seen it coming. She was soft-spoken and kind when it was convenient, but she repeatedly panicked and hurt people around her when she felt threatened. It sucks that Mike tried to steal the car and supplies. That was the one thing that seemed out of character. He was so kind, and that was a slap in the face to end his arc.

I think that scene and the scene at the beginning with the shootout seemed like situations where Telltale wanted to create a certain scene, but wasn't sure how to get the action to make sense. At the car, what exactly happened to Mike, Bonnie, and Arvo? I'm sure Mike and Bonnie both gave up on Arvo after he shot Clem, but I still don't know how Kenny and Jane got the car back. Did they kill the other three? That scene wasn't a big deal, but I don't see how on earth people survived the shootout at the beginning. When episode 4 ended, we were surrounded by guns. When Rebecca was shot, everyone started shooting. It just doesn't make sense for everyone to miss and for our group to come out unscathed. It took me out of the scene, but at least the stuff preceding and following that weird transition was solid.

For the ending I stuck with Kenny all the way. Back in episode 2 I regretted sitting with the new group, and knew from then on that it was me and Kenny all the way. The new group had some OK people, and I wish Jane and Kenny could have got along, but when it came down to it I had to stick with Kenny. Him killing Jane was incredibly messed up, and I did my best to admonish him for it, but I had to let someone die and it wasn't going to be Kenny. I'm not concerned about Wellington. You could tell they were screwed from the outset. The guard said that they were already over capacity. That's not good. They'll fall apart like everything else. I don't think anyone's surviving long in their zombie apocalypse, and I'm not giving up the little that Clem had left just to eke out a little more time in that awful world.

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I'm so sorry, Jeff. We all love you, man. You're an inspiration. Take care of yourself. You have our support.

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While it isn't out in the US yet, I dropped by a local store earlier today to try out a demo kiosk. The experience wasn't terribly positive, but I blame that more on the environment than on the game itself. I just don't like playing games at demo kiosks where there are people all around me. The game seems like it could be kind of neat for just shutting off my brain and hitting X for a while. I'll probably maybe pick it up if there's a price drop or two in the future.

That scarf is pretty sweet.