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R.I.P. Ryan Davis may our memories of you forever immortalize you.

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Incase you didn't notice the edit in caps message we are up again

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We are back up

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I'm interested as well. I already preordered a while back and now I have some free time to invest in a game. I played the original guildwars and SWTOR as well.

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A sequel to getting up:contents under pressure. There has been very few games that embraced graff. Plus it had an interesting system for spray painting. Sure the game had flaws but a game where it was done right would be great

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The server is blowing up with new members welcome all. Yes please read the rules and please don't grief, griefers have a short life span on the server.

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Servers down :(

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No the fences were destroyed I patched them up

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@Spadge: Cnet is owned by cbs so it's still the same company, just cbs picked it up in 2008

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@Scratch said:

I want a whole video tour of the new offices once you guys are settled in. I hope that isn't too much too ask.

I agree, I certainly hope we get a full tour as we did for the last two places.