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A tragedy. My thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.

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I like square gates much better.  Especially in SFIV with the new DP shortcuts.

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@DirrtyNinja: Agreed. That's a glitch and has to be fixed. I don't see how they can let it go.
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You used an "ad hominem" attack, calling those who disagree with you stupid so clearly you are not interesting in an intelligent fair debate that could actually change my mind. "

Hey! Someone took high school debate. :) 
 I also didn't base my argument on your stupidity, i just threw it in as a sidenote. So this doesn't fall under an "ad hominem" attack. I included an attack on top of actual points. That's what you call an "Added Ad Hominem"... "Attack".
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@nanikore said: 

Your comparisons are ridiculous....

Jokes are always at someone or something's expense. Show me a joke that doesn't have a target and I'll show you a Street Fighter quote in a fucking Bartlett's.

Let me explain this in detail since some of us are clearly not geniuses.

Saying "I Love Guy... (no homo)" is a joke that's neither deragatory or abrasive. It's simply a play on the irony of the sentence. It sounds like he said "I Love Guys", you see. I could actually make an argument by you assuming that it's derogatory, in fact, makes you the bigot, not the original poster.

If I said "I Love Ken... (and I'm no Barbie)" would that make me a bigot? Am I prejudiced against Barbies? Absolutely not. Does the joke still make sense? Yes, of course it does, I am simply pointing out the irony in the statement.

Find a different soapbox. And live to fight another Crusade. :)    
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@Supermarius:  The dude's apologized multiple times within this thread and a mod has already commented on it. Enough crucifying the dude over this. It's getting retarded. I mean, really, how much censorship does a Street Fighter board need.
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@DirrtyNinja: Hey, you accidentally said Guy instead of T. Hawk. :P
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Gen. And I'm not fucking complaining, either. 

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@fwylo: Cam'ron said it back in like '03. :)  Kanye West doesn't have an original bone in his body. 
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