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lessons not learned. 0

When the first thing you see as you start up the third game in a series is a motion comic for an intro, it sets the bar. Now story telling never has been Resistance’s strong point, which is a shame. As the setting Insomniac have made is one of the best of this generations. A world in which an alien virus has caused world war 2 to never happen. Instead an alien invasion by the Chimera happens, humans turned alien, a mixture of virus, cybernetics and war machines of sizes varying from small to sky...

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Is it time to put Sonic down? 0

To say sonic has had a interesting history as a video game would be an understatement. And at 20, there will be many thinking is it time to let the little blue hedgehog have a nice long endless sleep. Now I should say I'm definitely in the ‘old guard’ when it comes to sonic games, being only a few years older than him, my very first memory of a video game is being two and hiding behind a sofa as the counter for air ticks down to death in labyrinth zone. To top that, as a 6 year old, Sonic 3 &amp...

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