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Yup, been loads of fun when i could get a match. Gave up after a week... guess I will be giving it another shot real soon...

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OMG. Words cannot express my reaction right now. He will be greatly missed, and the bombcast just won't be the same without him. :(

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Game Genie, so much so, that when Nintendo blocked Galoob from selling them in the States, I ordered one from Canada. My first in a long string of game related mail order items. Oh the possibilities that thing offered. Unfortunately I wasn't good at finding any codes that didn't much other than made the games unplayable. But it was still a fun little toy.

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I was going to suggest a Kickstarter as well. Supporters would have special access to the videos of the raid. People that supported at different levels could have fun Japanese stuff such as gashapon (I cannot tell you how much money i jammed into those capsule machines when I got to visit).

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So I'm sitting here going through finally getting around to setting up my profile and basically inching my way to becoming something more than a lurker. But i got sidetracked by achievements. I remember when Playstation finally got them, i actually restarted several games just so I could get a virtual trophy. I don't remember ever doing that with Steam, not to say I haven't played a few games just to get achievements on Steam. And now another place for achievements only this time in the form of "Quests". Gee, thanks Giant Bomb. :)

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The "Underside of Darksiders" videos is a really cool look behind the veil that most gamers rarely get a chance to see.