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Farewell Ryan. You will be profoundly missed. My condolences to his wife, family, friends, and the GB crew.

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Steam ID: Deimos
Location: NY, USA

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Finally got a decent deal so I'm on board!
Steam ID: Deimos

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Regardless of whether or not I have the games offered at least they are giving us an option. When Xbox live went down for a couple of days the gave away one POS game, Undertow, and that was it.

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I recently discovered Hurt. After listening to one song I proceeded to buy all of their albums.     

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@SSully said:
" I am having the same worries. It is out in a week or so if I am not mistaken and I haven't heard anything really new about it. I feel this game is going to be quite the let down. "
Pretty much all of the content I have seen has been from the marketing videos and that worries me.  Previews have been few and far in between and whenever it has been brought up in podcasts conversation on the game falls through the cracks. The other thing that concerns me is the fact that the campaign is just the same maps with bots. It reminds me of the "campaign" in Unreal Tournament 3 which it is just not my cup of tea. I will wait for reviews and perhaps wait for a price drop.  If there is a game that desperately needs a demo it is this one!
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AIC is one of my favorite bands. Shame Layne couldn't get his act straight. I miss his vocals, that being said Duvall is pretty decent as the new lead singer. 
RIP Layne.

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@2HeadedNinja said:
" No, thanks Microsoft. And dear Microsoft, let me tell you: If this game sells poorly (and trust me, it will), thats not because we PC gamers all are evil people who pirated a copy of the game, its because the game is not good and you failed to even deliver Fable 2 to us.   So, with all due respect, take this game and shove it. "
This pretty  much sums it up.
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I am sold on this. Now give me a couple of chapters that portray Ellie's story before meeting Isaac and I'll be very happy.

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Good for them. Learned from borderlands.

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