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I wish I had such cool stuff in my classes in high school. Tennessee is such a technological shithole, for the most part. The education system might as well be a set of dog training schools. 

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Wait. I'm lost. Are you talking crap on a the state because someone in a school managed to get an interview with Gabe Newell?

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@ch13696: No, I'm talking crap on the state because I live here and have seen the products of the awful education system here. It's severely underfunded and just plain bad, especially when it comes to technology. Then again, I went through school during the late '90s and '00s, so maybe it's improved within the past few years.
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@Deiterbomber: As with most places it probably depends on the location. I live in Washington state, and the schools in my area are TERRIBLE. But I've gone to some GREAT schools too, when I lived in another part of the state.  
Also, that's awesome. Reminds me of all the authors we got at my Elementary school because our Librarian was so amazing. Some relatively big names in the k-6 reading range. Artemis Foul author, folks like that. It's a great experience for students, and stuff like that should really happen more often.
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@MordeaniisChaos: Yeah, I'm being pretty hard on the state as a whole, but my experiences have just been that bad, and I've rarely heard much better from other regions of the state (excluding, of course, private schools).
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