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I pretty much paid full price for the game primarily because my friends were playing a lot of the multiplayer. I was (am) only mostly through ME2, and (eventually) plan to play ME3's singleplayer, but it was a purchase driven by friends talking about the beta and my eternal obsession with co-op survival based multiplayer games. I have continued to enjoy it a hell of a lot, and I do not regret getting despite several of the original friends suddenly deciding Origin is the devil and not playing anymore. Which is a shame. I still have plenty of fun just jumping in and searching for games solo.

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Spike TV and G4TV (if that's even still a thing) are both the worst things to happen to television, given that they pretty much took the place of one of my favorite channels, TechTV. It's a shame that any programming that isn't reality television, snarky "meta" humor, or some sort of low-attention-span how-to show or sitcom is never presented anymore.

I can't speak for much of the show, but the few parts I saw consisted of two hosts (who are probably important somewhere, I don't keep up with pop culture very often) asking canned useless questions to lead developers and voice actors. They hit the big issues, such as "Do you think you're going to win?", "Dude aren't those graphics sweet?", and the most important one, "What was it like working on such a highly acclaimed game?".

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@gpbmike: I noticed two odd things that I thought I might add when I tried again just a bit earlier:

  1. When I clicked the link for a video (which would usually autoplay and then crash that tab), I clicked on a different tab to read, thinking I'd see the crash icon in that tab. To my surprise, I did not. I heard the video start a few seconds later, so I switched back to the tab. The crash re-occurred as soon as I did.
  2. I noticed that my iGoogle tab was crashing at the same time if I have it open, for some reason, and most, when not all, other GiantBomb tabs will also crash at the same time as the video page. Other pages remain unaffected.
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I had enough crash-rage issues from the beginning when I played Fallout: New Vegas (PC), so it sent me into overdrive when I modded it to have super-HQ textures and my year-old video card overheated. Luckily it didn't totally fry, but it made me completely freak out and not run anything too intensive for the next two days.

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@gpbmike: Yeah, I got it a looooong time ago when they were first doing betas on extensions. I actually forgot completely I was in the beta browser until I checked just now. ( ゚々。)

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@gpbmike: Both videos play fine in-browser by themselves (I don't know why I didn't think to try that, I'm going to college to be an engineer, dammit!), Chrome 14.0.835.124 beta-m, and I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium.

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@gpbmike said:

@Deiterbomber: Just to clarify, with HTML5 videos LOW and HIGH settings are fine, HD setting breaks Chrome. When using STREAMING or PROGRESSIVE, videos don't load at all. Are those statements correct for you?

Can you make sure you're not running any Chrome extensions that might be interfering? You can open the site in incognito mode to disable all extensions by default. Also, do you know your computer specs?

Sorry, didn't mean to lump the lag issue with the crashing issue. The video crashes regardless of quality setting in HTML5 mode. In the HTML5 theater screen and in the normal progressive mode, the video either does not load at all, or will load extremely slowly on a rare occasion. This started 2 days ago, as a timeline. I didn't see any issue with the streaming mode, but it loads oddly, always has, and often stutters the video anyway.

Before the crashing issue started, I was experiencing stuttering and extremely slow load times while in HD mode (regardless of whether I was in HTML5 mode or not), but all other qualities loaded just fine. The HD video loading problem started about a month, maybe two months ago.

As far as extensions, I did have my stock Google Reader extension crash one time immediately after the videos crashed, but I don't know if that is related. I have since run incognito and can confirm the crashing issue still persists.

Computer specs:

  • AMD Athlon II X4 630
  • 3GB DDR2 (yeah, I know) RAM
  • Radeon HD 5670 1GB

I have been having a few scattered issues with video on my PC recently, but web video has not given me any issue until this.

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The pages/tabs still crash once the video loads, yes. The lag before only occurred when I set the quality to "HD", Low and High both worked fine and loaded at respectable speeds. It also seems to be crashing as soon as the video loads, not immediately as I press the play button, if that helps.

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I have actually had this happen on every video on the site. HTML5 videos crash the Chrome tab they are in, and will simultaneously crash any other GiantBomb window that is open (I was viewing this post as I went to check and see if the quality mattered, and it crashed the forum post tab. Other sites' tabs are unaffected.). If I switch HTML5 video off, videos simply won't load at all, or they will load intermittently and stutter constantly. HD video has had a stuttering problem both in and out of HTML5 for a while now (though HTML5 seemed to 'fix' HD video streaming when it was first introduced). I haven't yet tried any other browsers other than Chrome at the moment as I don't have them installed.