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Sure you can add me in-game and if I'm online I would love to play.

In-game name: Spandaueren

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Amadeus because he can bypass most puzzles/make them incredibly easy.

two boxes makes you able to levitate, which is awesome. Basically everything is made a walk in the park by using him.

That being said Zoya is the most fun.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: To be fair Volsung is a pretty good "trading" helmet since it gives you 20 % better barter prices.


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I am level 54, and DAMN levelling gets slow after 50. I've also reached the point where gear gets kind of wonky since I am invulnerable with my 1500 armor daedric armor.

As a side note, 50 is the soft cap, 81 is the hard cap.

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I managed to save her without killing anybody... Fucking pacifist achievement.

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Well I maxed out recon, however I haven't used the recon weapons too much since I've mostly been playing for the mobile spawn point. The M98B is accurate as fuck though, even though it doesn't say much my accuracy is currently at 53.59 % with it.

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Not really that funny but awesome nontheless. I got a triple kill with my M98B.

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I don't mind the flashlight on enemies since it usually makes them easier to see, however teammates with flashlights are annoying as fuck since you can't kill them.

Sprinting next to a teammate=getting blinded half the time.

Defending an area with a teammate=him pointing the damn thing at you.

meeting a teammate=Wasting half a mag

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I've had the beta since it was released and I've been having tons of fun so far. My primary gripe is that I can't really coordinate with other players since none of my friends are playing and it takes too much work to have teamwork with pubs.

Name on steam:

steam id: Spandaueren

Steam name: MaxGentleman