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Since the server is in a kind of messed up state I made a temporary server.

EDIT: Now that the original server is up my server is obsolete, I'll keep it running though.

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Malcolm Coleman 
David Dempsey
James Strain
Parven Hussain
Paul Kruitz
Tim Holt 
At least that's what the credits said
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@Vitor said: 
@Damodar said: 
I haven't seen Dirt 3's yet (I'll check out the quick look soon) but I hope they are closer to the original Dirt. I really didn't like the menus in Dirt 2. I know a lot of people did, but I certainly wasn't one of them.
A lot closer to the originals.   And yeah, this team and whoever did the UI for Dead Space (I forget his name but he's been on in GB stuff before) are really showing up the rest of the industry.  Liking what I've seen so far of LA Noire's main menu also. I'm getting a similar feel from that (at least in the video's I've seen).
Dino Ignacio 
And I agree the Codemasters racing game menus are some of the sexiest in the entire industry, I am going to take a look at the credits when I get home might figure something out.
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@Vodun: Well it kinda seems like the AI is cheating. I just got done playing some guy for a quest and I ended up 3-12.
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Basically if you enable ubersampling this games looks better than practically anything, however you DON'T enable ubersampling. From what I've played so far it is a very nice looking game, and it's right up there with the best RPGs.

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So far it seems to me that this is a much slower burn than the original M&B. Troops are way more expensive to recruit, you don't seem to get as much from fighting and you either find a few looters or a roaming deathsquad of deserters. The guns also seem to make it way harder to solo stuff since circling the enemy while firing your weapon will just get you shot if the enemy has got any marksmen whatsoever.

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I preordered it and I've been playing a ton of multiplayer this weekend (retired my character in cRPG) so I'm really looking forward to this.

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" Not sure how I feel about this.
Well dude it says it right there you like it. DUH! :D
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It's the same day as my birthday too. And i'm totally not related to skynet. <.<   >.>

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I bought the 25 $ version, looks pretty awesome, even though I have no idea what's going on. No one had time to explain it to me :(