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They're fine, if you have a decent PC they'll look a bit better than the Xbox 360 version, but there is no controller support for any of them.

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Find the Super Potato in Ikebukuro. It's a bit smaller, but is slightly cheaper than the one in Akihabara. Also it's right near a red light district, where I saw a sign for "Cherry Sexual Assault Service."

So there's that.

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I bought this the moment it released. It's alright, but the ball physics are just wonky enough to detract from the experience.

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I'm not planning on getting a PS4 any time soon, but I can't resist the allure of LBP3.

Before I succumb, I need to know: Does it run at least as well as LBP1/2?

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You need to own the DLC to experience the DLC.

Patrick Klepek

No kidding...

(Even this isn't accurate as we've now seen from VentureBeat's article; people without the DLC will be able to see characters and karts, just not race on tracks. What a non-story.)

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The AV cable from either a N64 or Gamecube will be enough to connect to the RCA connectors on a TV (the red, white and yellow sockets.) As for the power supply, the NHS and SNES apparently have the same power requirements, as I'm using my old NES power supply just fine.

As for games, short of going to Japan yourself eBay is your best bet. Off the top of my head games 3 to 5 in the Great Battle series are good, The Firemen is a fantastic but shortish game... Aside from that I just picked up anything that looked interesting that I was also sure wasn't an RPG.

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I have major anxiety issues which lead to depressive episodes, so it's best to head those off when I can. To wit, I have installed a bunch of Skyrim survival mods as recommended by RPS and plan to just get lost in that world whenever I'm feeling on edge.

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These are all Ditto.

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PC Engine Duo, get a stack of hucards and CDs. Castlevania Rondo of Blood if you can find it!

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I'll wait for the inevitable superior portable version.