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I have an epic Nikki Bella. She is wrecking shit constantly.

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It must be a sign that this post popped up..

I've been diagnosed with (at least) depression and general anxiety, and stupidly turned down CBT in favour of pills, and didn't take them. My main concern is my health, so basically I'm a hypochondriac who doesn't trust the results. Go me. I should be starting CBT soonish, as I still don't want to take the pills. Somewhat ironically, thinking about taking them is causing some level of anxiety in me.

As for how this relates to games? It doesn't really, in that I haven't felt like playing anything for months. This might be related to the fact that my first panic attack happened during a conversation with a friend while I was playing Broken Sword 5...

Everyone: Thank you for sharing and posting that video from Danny, your experiences and insights have helped me realise that I'm definitely not alone.

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@artisanbreads: I hate Claptrap, but he did a real good job of introducing the world in Borderlands, long before he swallowed the internet and started vomiting memes.

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@dalai: @vibratingdonkey: What about Sims 4 makes it potentially atrocious?

It would be the premium membership which is just another way to extract money out of people. I really hope this isn't some kind of MMO-style subscription model, but I haven't read into it enough to know if that's the case. The game could end up being great, but the investment is pricey already. Adding another layer is overkill. Hopefully a premium membership is as easy as just buying the premium edition and nothing else.

Actually, I would buy into the premium subscription if it replaced expansion packs entirely. We all know it won't, but I think it would be a better model.

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Destiny is the grimdark Borderlands that Gearbox scrapped in favour of the game they released.

This game is not grimdark.

There's a wizard on the moon.

Okay... it's Halolands with Guilty Spark an extremely bored Peter Dinklage doing a worse job than Claptrap does in introducing the world and making me engaged in what's going on. Everything is dark with neon highlights and shooting makes the numbers come out. I got bored of this game mid-way through the DLC for Borderlands 2.

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Destiny is the grimdark Borderlands that Gearbox scrapped in favour of the game they released.

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Anyone got a spare Xbox One EU code? I've been curious about trying this.

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I've had a very prominent widow's peak since my late teens and it's never bothered me. When I get my hair cut short I dig the villain look it lends itself to.

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I guess the Microsoft and Geico money ran out.

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I can see why you might feel a little sheepish about Peace Walker mechanics being rammed in, but those mechanics won't be baad.

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